Senior citizens can now skip long queues and enjoy primary banking services from the comfort of their homes. HDFC Bank, in line with the RBI regulations, offers banking services such as cash and cheque pick-up and cash drop-off to senior citizens (70 years and above) and differently abled customers under Doorstep Banking (DSB) Services, and it is provided free of cost by HDFC bank. Account holders can request DSB services from their home address registered with HDFC Bank. To apply, you can call HDFC Bank’s Phone Banking Number / Branch Staff.


HDFC Bank’s Doorstep Banking Services for senior citizens 70 years and above and differently-abled offers the following features: 

  • You can deposit and withdraw cash without leaving your house. 

  • Our trusted courier agencies and Cash-in-Transit (CIT) agents are responsible for cheque, cash pick-ups and cash drops. 

  • We share the agency details with you for hassle-free identification. 

Doorstep Banking Services Offered By HDFC Bank 

Once you register for the DSB, you can enjoy the following services: 

  • Cash Pick-Up: You can hand over cash to the CIT agents. We deposit the cash in your bank account on the same day or by the next working day. The minimum amount for cash pick-up is ₹ 5,000, whereas the maximum amount is ₹ 25,000. 

  • Cash Delivery: We also offer cash delivery services against a self-drawn cheque. The minimum and maximum amounts for cash delivery service are ₹ 5,000 and ₹ 25,000, respectively.  

  • Cheque Pick-Up: HDFC Bank offers cheque pickup services

Eligibility Criteria

To avail of Doorstep Banking Services from HDFC Bank, you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Customers must be Resident Indians. 

  • Services will be provided only on the registered address updated with us 

  • Customers must be existing HDFC Bank account holders. 

  • Customers’ KYC details must be updated with the bank account.  

  • HDFC Bank also offers Doorstep Banking for differently-abled customers

Doorstep Banking Service Charges

Senior citizen account holders who are 70 years of age and above enjoy Doorstep Banking Services free of cost: 

Timings & Location:

  • HDFC Bank processes all Doorstep Banking Services on bank working days only. 

  • Requests made on a working day (Day 0) before 3 pm will be executed on the next working day (Day 1).  

  • DSB Requests made on a working day after 3 pm will be executed on the next working day or on Day 2.  

  • HDFC Bank offers Doorstep Banking for senior citizens and differently-abled at select locations only. Click here to view list of branches offering Doorstep Banking Services.


What are Doorstep Banking Services?

Doorstep Banking (DSB) Service is when customers of a bank can enjoy basic banking services like cash and cheque deposits or cash withdrawals from the comfort of their homes. Dedicated CIT agents deposits cash and cheques in your bank account on your behalf. You can also request for cash to be delivered to your home address against a self-drawn cheque, along with cheque pick-up services. Doorstep Banking Service is offered to senior citizens who are above 70 years old and to differently-abled customers.

How do I apply for Doorstep Banking Services with HDFC Bank?

You can easily avail of Doorstep Banking Services if you are an existing bank customer. To apply, speak to your branch staff or call your bank’s Phone Banking number 1800-1600 or 1800-2600. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will direct you to a customer care executive, and you can register for Doorstep Banking. Also, Doorstep Banking Services are offered at select branches only.​​​​​​​

I have applied for Doorstep Banking Services. How do I request cash pick-up?

To request any Doorstep Banking service, you can call the bank’s phone banking number. You can also contact your Relationship Manager. They can arrange the cash pick-up service for you.

Can I avail of Doorstep Banking from a relative’s house?

No. HDFC Bank offers Doorstep Banking Services to your home address registered with the bank.