3 uses of Student Forex Cards you must know about!

With an increase in the number of students studying abroad, there is also an increase in the ways and means through which they can carry money overseas.

Carrying a loaded Forex Card is one of the best ways to ensure continuous funds are available to the student. A Forex Card works just like an ATM cum Debit Card and can be used for swiping at partner merchants. It can also be used at ATMs to withdraw money. A Forex Card can be preloaded with funds and then easily topped up at any time using NetBanking or by visiting a branch in India. But, how is a Student Forex Card useful for a student living abroad? This list will elaborate.

Here are the three ways to use Student Forex Cards:

  • Identity proof:

    Many banks and other merchants provide special Student Forex Cards, which also act as identity proofs. These type of cards are called ISIC cards, which are International Student Identity Cards. An ISIC Card can be used to prove your student identity all over the world. This makes you eligible for many student discounts at partners all over the world. Getting a forex card that also works as your identity card reduces the number of cards you can carry. A Prepaid Forex Card which doubles as an ISIC Card, such as the ISIC Student ForexPlus Card will allow you to get discounts on travel, insurance, accommodation at partners the world over. It may even help you save living expenses while you’re abroad.
  • Prepaid Debit Card for spends:

    The traditional and typical use for a Prepaid Forex Card is as a Debit Card. This Prepaid Debit Card can be swiped at different merchants who accept cards, and the balance in the card will keep reducing with every swipe. Swiping a Prepaid Forex Card also leaves a paper trail of the spends which can easily be tracked. A Student Forex Card also has different partners where discounts are available depending on the card issuer.
  • ATM Card to avail cash:

    A Forex Card also doubles as an ATM Card for withdrawing cash for day to day spends. This is one of the most popular Student Forex Card use. Depending on the card issuer, there may be a charge for ATM withdrawals. So, if you’re opting for ATM withdrawals to meet cash requirements, then be mindful about this fee which can add up if you make small withdrawals. Some issuers don’t have these charges while most banks have these different rates and fees on their Student Forex Cards.

A Student Forex Card, like the HDFC Bank Student ForexPlus Card is one of the best ways for a student to manage spends while studying abroad. Not only does it create a paper trail and allows to keep a track on spends, but it also helps them meet their fund requirements. Consider getting a Student Forex Card for your studies now!

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