Must haves for football fan to watch the perfect match

The excitement of being able to watch your favourite football team or players live is a feeling that words can barely describe. And if you’re headed for football’s biggest event, which is set to take place in the largest country on the planet, you certainly want it to be the best experience of your life. Being equipped with all the necessities can ensure you have the time of your life and leave you with some fantastic memories, which will serve as a travel survival kit. So, here’s a list of must-haves when heading for an international football match.

  • Match tickets 

    It may be a very obvious thing to carry, but in the excitement, it wouldn’t be surprising if you showed up at the stadium without your tickets. So, check and double check that you have them before setting out. Also, remember that demand for tickets will be high, so book yours early, and do so only on official websites. If you haven’t scored seats yet, you may be able to snag a few tickets that haven’t been sold out yet if you are lucky.

  • Football apparel 

    Fans identify with their teams through colourful jerseys. What started out as a mark of identity is no longer just some cloth; football kits have acquired symbolic value. But there’s so much more than jerseys if you want to show support for your favourite teams - from caps to scarves, custom-made shoes to jackets, there’s a whole range from which you can choose. A quick search online will lead you to tons of official football merchandise. Sure, these might be priced a little high, but by using HDFC Bank Debit Card and HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can avail of exciting cashbacks and discounts on online or offline purchases. This will give you maximum benefits on your purchases. You can also compare the prices to bag the best deal using HDFC Bank's Smart Buy.

  • Cell phones and cameras 

    Communicating is much easier with an international SIM card in your phone. But even if you don’t have a local SIM card, Wi-Fi facility is now available almost everywhere. So, remember to carry your phone along in case you need to make an urgent call or send a text. It also helps to have your camera or smartphone ready to click pictures of what will be an amazing experience. Also, you never know when you might have a chance encounter with a sporting celebrity, and you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on that opportunity!

  • Passport and Fan ID 

    Carrying your passport wherever you go is a must when travelling to a foreign country. You could be stopped by local authorities and asked to provide identity proof. Having your passport on you can prevent any unnecessary trouble. In some football competitions, like the world cup, extra precautions are taken, and fans are asked to carry a ‘Fan ID’ to venues. This ID permits you only to those zones mentioned in the Fan ID. Without it, you may not even get past the airport gates, let alone into the stadium. So, if you’re going to watch the games, get your Fan ID registered as soon as possible.

  • Appropriate clothing 

    Check what the weather conditions will be like during your stay, do your research of the place and select your wardrobe according to the places you plan to visit. Currently, the temperature is between 20 degrees to 27 degrees, with a possibility of rainfall.

  • Local currency 

    When abroad the last thing you want is to be caught without any local money – whether it is for a quick bite, to buy some souvenirs or for any emergency. So, ensure you have enough local currency on you to meet these expenses. It will also help to have a forex card like HDFC Bank’s Multicurrency ForexPlus Card, which lets you store up to 23 different currencies on a single card, is not affected by currency fluctuations and even provides emergency cash delivery when required.  
    Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world and watching a game live is not something you will be able to do every day. So, remember to pack everything on this list so that you can make the most of this beautiful sport.

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