Learn How to use Credit Cards wisely & get maximum benefits

Credit Cards are handy tools that help you in purchasing goods and services on credit. From bill payments, to booking your travels, to shopping, there are several ways you can use a Credit Card. A Credit Card allows you to spend stress-free and repay the amount at a later date, and earn reward points. This articleill help you better understand the usage, rewards and offers on Credit Cards.

We have listed some of the spends which can be taken care of by a Credit Card:

  • Bill Payment – Utility bills such as water, electricity, phone bills, etc. can be paid by making use of a Credit Card online. You can also opt for the auto debit feature for these bills such that the pending bill amount is deducted automatically, and you do not skip a payment.
  • Travel – A Credit Card comes to your rescue to ensure a great holiday. Booking your tickets to reserving your hotel stay (even the seasonal shopping that you may require before your special holiday) can be done with a swipe of a Credit Card. If you are a frequent traveller, you can also opt for Credit Cards that give you reward points, that can be converted to airmiles. With this, you can also get complimentary access to airport lounges across the globe. This article will help you understand how to best use a Credit Card to maximise your travels.
  • Shopping – You can use your Credit Card for shopping in stores that accept Credit Card payments. It could be for clothes, shoes, groceries, etc. While shopping online, there are rarely any websites or apps that do not accept Credit Card payment. Auto-debit feature for websites streaming music and movies also gives you access to unlimited entertainment through your Credit Card.
  • Dining out – Several restaurants accept Credit Card payments. If you eat out frequently, you can opt for a Credit Card that gives you reward points and offers while dining out. Cards such as HDFC Bank Diners Clubmiles Credit Card give you dining offers and privileges at premium hotels.
  • Home furnishing – Your Credit Card spends may not be limited to smaller spends. Big ticket items such as furniture, a refrigerator, or a television can also be purchased using your Credit Card. The amount can be converted into easy EMIs such that you do not burden yourself with the high expense.
  • Cab rides – Past few years have enabled access to chauffer-driven cars that arrive right at your doorstep, at the click of a button. The payment for these services can be made online using your Credit Card. You can link your Credit Card to the payment gateway on these apps and ride without any worry of cash at hand.

While choosing your Credit Card, you can opt for one that provides the best offers and rewards on spending purposes you need to use it for. When using a new Credit Card, watch out for the welcome benefits that it offers. It is essential that you use your Credit Card smartly and wisely.

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