How to Check Pan Card Status by Name & Date of Birth?

How to Check Pan Card Status by Name & Date of Birth?

09 May, 2024

A Permanent Account Number or PAN card is a prerequisite for a multitude of financial transactions, including but not limited to opening bank accounts, obtaining Credit and Debit Cards, and filing income tax returns, among other things. A vital component of the PAN card is the PAN number. The Income Tax Department issues this distinctive ten-digit alphanumeric identity number. After you’ve submitted your PAN card application, you can check its status online or by calling the PAN card helpline. You can also run a PAN card search by name and date of birth. Let’s find out more about it in this article.

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PAN Card Application and Status Check – An Overview.

You can apply for a PAN card in India through two government-recognised, official websites, i.e., the NSDL or the UTIITSL. Both platforms provide services such as tracking the status of a PAN card and reapplying for a damaged or lost card. You can also choose a conventional offline application process. Although the online and offline application processes differ significantly, the documentation needs remain the same.

How to Do an Online PAN Card Search by Name and Date of Birth?

When it comes to tracking the status of PAN cards, you can choose from several options. One of the easiest ways of doing so is running an online PAN card status check by name and date of birth through the TIN-NSDL website (now known as Protean). The steps to do a PAN card check by name and date of birth as under:

  • Go to the TIN-NSDL website.
  • Under Application Type, choose ‘PAN: New/Change Request’.
  • Select the ‘Name’ option to verify the PAN card status without the need to provide the token or acknowledgement number.
  • Enter your first name, middle name, last name, and birth date.
  • Lastly, click on the 'Submit' to view the current status of your PAN card.

It’s that simple. Once you enter the above details in the appropriate tabs, your PAN card application’s current status will be displayed on the website’s screen. You can expect any of the following notifications: 

  • Your PAN card has been dispatched.
  • Your PAN card application is currently being processed.
  • There was no PAN record identified (in case the application has not yet been processed).

The online TIN-NSDL portal provides comprehensive systems, allowing you to track the status of your PAN card online. You can use the website to check the status of both new as well as duplicate PAN cards, even if you don’t have the PAN acknowledgement number. Note that besides your name and date of birth, you can also run a PAN card status check on the TIN-NSDL website by using the mobile number provided at the time of PAN registration. 

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