What are New Pan Card Fees?

What are New Pan Card Fees?

10 January, 2024

In India, the PAN Card is a ten-character identification document issued by the Income Tax Department. It is one of the most widely accepted and required ID proof document, that you need to avail of a range of financial facilities. To get your PAN Card, you need to apply for it by filing Form 49 (49A if you are a foreign citizen residing in India), submit some documents and pay a small fee. Read on to understand the cost of making a PAN Card in India and the different ways in which you can pay for the same.

The Cost of Making a PAN Card – An Overview

​​​​​​​PAN Card fees are the charges the Income Tax Department of India levies when you apply for your card. Whether you are applying for a new PAN card, changing or updating your details (in case of name change after marriage or for any other reason, wrongly spelt or printed name, date of birth, etc.) or if wish to obtain an e-PAN, you need to pay a nominal fee. You can also apply for the card in case you lose your original one and need a duplicate PAN Card.

The fees for a new PAN Card vary, typically based on the reason for your application, and whether you need a physical PAN Card or an e-PAN. Also, if you apply for the PAN Card through an agent, the agent may charge a commission, thereby increasing the fee payable. To avoid such unnecessary expenses, you can apply for the PAN Card on your own, directly through the NSDL/UTIITSL website.

PAN Card Apply Price – Fees for Indian Citizens

As an Indian citizen applying for a PAN Card, you need to bear the following fees:

  • For application of New PAN Card fees: ₹101 (including GST)

  • Reprint or changes in existing PAN Card application price: ₹101 (including GST)

  • e-PAN Card application fees: ₹66 (including GST)

PAN Card Fees for Foreign Citizens

The schedule of New PAN Card fees for Foreign citizens residing in India is as under:

  • New PAN Card application fees: ₹1011 (including GST)

  • Reprint/changes to PAN Card: ₹1020 (including GST)

  • e-PAN Card charges: ₹66 (including GST)

How to Pay PAN Card Application Fees?

You can pay your new PAN Card application charges in various ways. Per the official websites of the Income Tax Department, i.e., the NSDL and the UTIITSL, you can choose from different payment modes with the most commonly accepted methods of payment being:

  • Debit Card

  • Credit card

  • Net banking

  • Demand Draft payable at Mumbai, in favour of ‘Protean-Mumbai’

Note that when using a Debit or Credit Card to make an online payment, the bank providing the payment gateway may apply an additional fee of about 2%, inclusive of all applicable taxes. Furthermore, the card-issuing bank may use exchange or conversion rates based on current rates. Similarly, those using the Net Banking service for payment may need to pay an additional charge of ₹4, along with the applicable GST for the payment gateway service.

Who Has the Authority to Cover PAN Card Fees for Others?

The Indian Government permits individuals other than the PAN Card applicant to settle the PAN Card fee on their behalf, as explained below:

Types of Applicants

Authorised Payers


Either the applicant or an immediate family member


Any partner of the firm or the director

Hindu Undivided Family

Only the head of HUF or the ‘Karta’


An authorised signatory as per the Income Tax Act

Reasons for Denial of PAN Card And Refunds

The Income Tax Department may deny your application to obtain A PAN Card due to the following reasons:

  • You may have presented insufficient or incomplete documentation.

  • The information provided by you may be deemed incomplete or incorrect upon verification.

  • You may have failed to follow the directions and guidelines provided in the application form.

In such circumstances, you become ineligible for a refund of PAN Card fees as the above-mentioned reasons are deemed as errors caused by negligence on your part. Also, if your PAN Card is issued and you notice any errors, you must check your application form again. If the information provided by you is deemed error-filled, (e.g., name spelt wrongly or illegible writing), the Income Tax Department is not liable to provide a refund. As such, you need to reapply for the PAN Card by paying the fees again.

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​​​​​​​*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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