How to Check Debit Card Balance Online?

Debit Cards are a plastic manifestation of your Bank Account. With your Debit Card, you can virtually carry your Bank Account in your pocket. They offer you greater ease, accessibility and convenience of transactions. You can use Debit Cards for a range of reasons- from paying bills in shopping malls to paying your utility bills, etc. With Debit Cards, you can directly transact without having to carry physical cash.

Unlike a traditional Savings Accounts, with Debit Cards, you can always check your balances online. There are many ways to check your balances online, without having to opt for offline means. With Debit Cards, you can easily check the balance of your linked account, i.e. the balance of the account which is linked to the Debit Card.

How to check your Debit Card Balance?

You can check your Debit Card or ATM Balance in these five ways:

  • You can download the official application of your bank and log in with your credentials. This way, whenever you make a payment with your Debit Card, your balances will automatically be reduced.
  • You can also opt for going on the official website of the bank and logging in with your credentials, e. personal confidential information supplied to you by the bank to establish your unique identity. You can also learn your balances from there.
  • Another very convenient option is Mobile Notifications. This helps you keep a tab of your Debit Card balance. So, every time you transact, you will receive a notification of how much money is deducted during the transaction and what is the current balance of your account.
  • You can also check your balance at the ATM, whenever you wish to withdraw money. At the ATM Machine, you can opt for checking your record of recent transactions and payments.
  • Every major bank offers a customer service helpline that is available 24x7 to the customers. You can call up at the helpline and ask for your current account balances. You should make sure that you have enough balance left in the account while transacting through ATM Or Debit Cards.

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