How to carry money on your Hajj Umrah pilgrimage?

Hajj or Umrah is a one-in-a-lifetime journey that most Muslims make. To ensure it becomes the most beautiful experience, you have to take care about many things, especially money. However, the most common question asked by travellers is ‘how to carry money to Hajj?’ You must understand that with modernisation, there always comes a change and the same applies even to the banking sector.

There are various ways to carry money to Hajj, when you go on the pilgrimage. Here is a list of what they are, and which one should you choose.


Carrying cash in a crowded foreign place is always advised against! You should always carry loose change for transport, food, etc., but carrying large amounts should be avoided. Whenever the need arises, you can withdraw money from the ATM.

Debit Card

Debit Cards may provide good interbank exchange rate on purchases made through it. These Debit Cards also earns reward points on spends and get you discounts and offers by the issuing bank.

However, the biggest disadvantage of carrying your Debit Card when on a pilgrimage that is attended by millions from all over the world, is that they are not aptly protected against theft or loss. Also, ATM withdrawals through debit cards abroad are expensive and your card may not be accepted everywhere.

Credit Card

Credit Cards are comparatively safer to use when abroad. You get good interbank exchange rates on purchases made through it. Also, the credit facility in Credit Cards can be of great help in times of emergency, as you can you borrow extra cash.

Nevertheless, withdrawing cash from ATMs using your international Credit Card when abroad is expensive. Also, your Credit Card will not be able to protect you from fluctuating exchange rates, which can again prove to be heavy on your pocket.

Traveller’s Cheque

A Traveller’s Cheque has been a favourite among tourists and pilgrims for a long time. It is safe, as it is not linked to any bank account and accepted almost everywhere.

However, the exchange rates through this is one of the worst. Also, Traveller’s Cheque cannot be used for online payments. It can carry only a limited amount of money and is expensive & time consuming to get one.

Forex Card

Banks & financial institutions have introduced Forex Cards custom-made for Hajj or Umrah. It is the safest and most convenient way to carry money to Hajj, when you go on the pilgrimage.

The cards are PIN-protected, can be used for online and physical payments, and can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad at lower charges. One of the biggest advantages of carrying the Hajj Umrah Forex Card is that you are protected from currency rate fluctuations as rates are locked while loading money in the card. Also, re-loading money, keeping a track of your card transactions and activities is possible anywhere, anytime through NetBanking. The card also gives free insurance, in case of unfortunate events and provides 24X7 customer service. You can read more about the benefits of the Hajj Umrah Forex Card here.

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