Must Know ISIC Card Benefits for Students

You’ve spent a fair amount of time going through the rigours of getting admission to a foreign university. And as the excitement mounts, you’re busy planning for your trip overseas – finding accommodation, budgeting for living expenses, and planning what to pack. 

But have you given a thought about how you’re going to pay for things abroad? You may open a bank account and get a debit card, but you must be there in person to do it. Even so, it may take a few days. You would want to focus on your studies and not waste time worrying money transfers arriving on time or wondering how to pay for living expenses.  

Well, there’s an easy way out, with HDFC Bank’s ISIC ForexPlus Card. 

The obvious choice 

Getting a credit card nowadays requires you to have a minimum credit history. Of course, there are financial services companies abroad that would issue you a credit card without a credit history, but you can be sure the interest rates and other charges such as the APR(annual percentage rate) would be sky-high. You’d be well advised to steer clear of such offers. 

HDFC Bank promises ‘bank aapki mutthi mein’, and so it is for Indian students studying abroad. HDFC Bank's ISIC card not only acts as an internationally recognized and accepted identity card, endorsed by UNESCO; it also doubles up as a student forex c ard that you can use to pay for your expenses in local currency. HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card has been designed specifically for you. It’s one of the safest and easiest ways to pay for your expenses, withdraw cash from ATMs and acts as a universal student ID card. It’s available in USD, Euro and GBP, and can be reloaded instantly from anywhere in the world. Once loaded, you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in exchange rate of these currencies. 

The services and benefits extend to many other areas too:

  • Protection from skimming and misuse, thanks to the EVM chip in your card
  • No need to stress about damage, loss or misuse (unlike traveller’s cheques/cash)
  • Can be used at Visa/MasterCard affiliated establishments around the world
  • In the event of a lost card or the card not working, you can call HDFC Bank’s international toll-free numbers from wherever you are, and even get emergency cash delivered to you
  • The card is pre-activated for e-commerce transactions
  • Complimentary insurance cover is applicable:
    • Protection of up to Rs 5 lakh against card misuse, counterfeiting, and skimming
    • Accidental death coverage (air/rail/road) of Rs 25 lakh
    • Loss of baggage cover of up to Rs 50,000
    • Loss of checked-in baggage cover of up to Rs 20,000
    • Passport reconstruction cover of up to Rs 20,000 (based on actual cost of reconstruction only)
  • Monthly statements with details of your transactions

The card also brings to you a range of discounts on books, food, shopping, accommodation, travel, and leisure activities from 41,000 partners in 130 countries. 


The best part of HDFC Bank ISIC ForexPlus Card is that you don’t even need to be a customer of the bank! Getting a card is simple – just visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch with a completed application form, along with:

  • Appointment Letter/Admission Letter/University ID card
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • Scanned passport size photographs on a white background
  • A photocopy of your student visa or airline ticket (if you do not bank with HDFC Bank)

So, be money-wise and adopt a smarter way to look after yourself during your time abroad. The ISIC Student ForexPlus Card takes the load off your mind, so you can concentrate on one thing that really matters – your education. To know more about ISIC cards, click here.

To apply for HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card, click here now.