11 tips to keep money safe while abroad.

A trip abroad can be a memorable experience. Exploring new places, cuisines and cultures can give you much to cherish. You don’t want anything to go wrong. Here are 11 tips on how to smart about your money when you travel.

#1 Photograph important documents and debit and credit cards

Email these photographs to yourself so that in case of loss or theft, you have the required numbers and details to make your payments online. Also, save your account details and customer service numbers you may need.

#2 Password-protect your devices

Protect your mobile phones, laptops and tablets with strong passwords, especially if you follow point number 1. If your device/s are stolen, none of your personal details can be misused. Moreover, if you also use your device regularly for any other banking requirements, you need to ensure that you practise safe internet banking. This helps eliminate the risk of phishing, especially if the information can be misused for unauthorised access to your data.

#3 Use cash sparingly

Using cash may be necessary on some occasions; however, spending through a pre-paid card is a safer option, especially in a foreign country. In case of theft, the card can be blocked, and your money is not lost; but it’s hard to recover stolen or lost cash.

#4 Avoid isolated ATMs and use ones inside banks

This is just an added precaution because ATMs inside banks are less likely to be tampered with. Also, withdraw only as much as you need.

#5 Spread your money

Never keep all your cash, Credit Cards and Forex Cards in one place. If in a group, divide them amongst yourselves and if, alone, stash them in different places (wallets, mobile phone cover, bag, book, sock, etc.)

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#6 Use the safe in your hotel room

This is helpful when you want to go out to explore. You don’t want to carry all your valuables, documents and money on your person. But, in most hotels, cleaning staff have access to your room. So, keep your valuables and important documents locked up in a safe.

#7 Be discreet with money in public

Keep some cash separately in a pocket or wallet to use when needed. Do not flash all your money in public to avoid becoming a target.

#8 Keep your wallet and cards in the front pocket

This rule applies particularly in crowded places. If you are carrying a bag, keep its flap towards you and not on the outer side.

#9 Never leave your bag unattended

Unattended bags are prime targets for thieves.

#10 Research prices

You can often be overcharged on money exchange and things like taxi fares. So, it pays to be well-informed about local prices.

#11 Plan your Forex

Many travellers wait till the last minute and, often, exchange money at airports or hotels. The rates that you pay at these places are much higher than you would have paid at a bank. Plan in advance and save money.

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