10 Great Ideas That Could Cut Your Home Renovation Expenses by Half

Renovating and restyling your living space can be a fun exercise; after all, adding your unique sense of aesthetics is what makes a house a home. However, this come with its set of troubles. The process is time-consuming, what with negotiations, paperwork, and coordination with everyone on the job. Most importantly, the budget can easily spiral out of hand.  

Here are some ideas to get your house looking like a million bucks without literally having to spend that much. 

1) Rope in a professional

Hiring an architect or an interior designer to plan and execute a project can be an expensive proposition. But it’s a smart idea to consult one. There could be many safety and design insights that you may not be able to comprehend as a lay person. Or opt for a one-time consultation, which can come at a fraction of the cost. However, this means you have to be absolutely clear regarding every minute detail before you approach the professional.

2) Select the right contractor

An experienced contractor can help you drastically bring the budget down. Look for someone who is experienced, has a good reputation, and also understands your needs. Long years of experience allows a contractor to easily estimate material requirements. This would eliminate a lot of wastage, and also enable the sourcing of quality products at a bargain.

3) Repurpose the old

If you look closely, there would be a lot of things in your home that can be refurbished and repurposed. Take woodwork, for instance. Wood from old doors or cupboards can easily be converted into a chic new coffee table. A tweak here and there could give a completely new life to different objects in your house. The only cost you would incur here is labour and probably painting or polishing.

4) Don’t fix what is not broken

In the quest to give your house a makeover, there is a tendency to go overboard with ideas. Over the long term, the functionality of the space is a lot more important than the aesthetics. If the electrical wiring is fine, simply add/change lamps or wall mounts to enhance the aesthetics. Breaking down the entire false ceiling and doing the rewiring will cost you many times over. The same principle applies to plumbing conduits, gas connections, etc.

5) Source stuff locally

There is no real reason to import marble from Rajasthan if you have decent flooring material available in your neighbourhood. A lot of the designer products you see in boutiques and upmarket stores would have been bought cheaply from local artisans and businesses and rebranded for elite consumption. Finding these gems ‘in the rough’ can be difficult but it’s worth a try. You may also stumble upon other things that could inspire your renovation – all at a fraction of the retail cost.

6) Go down the DIY path

There is enough work to go around when renovating a space. You could cut costs by getting your hands dirty – literally. The key is to find something that you are good at or interested in. This way it is easier for you to be committed to the cause till the renovation is done, and save a few bucks while you are at it. You could save the labour cost on some minor demolition or a small paint job. Channel your inner craftsman by getting inspired from YouTube and Pinterest. There are numerous ways to make yourself useful.

7) Negotiate

There is no shame in bargaining for a good deal, whether you are trying to negotiate a better price with the contractor or source raw materials. A 5% to 15% discount across every cost-head makes for great savings on your overall budget. So don’t hesitate to ask for the ‘best price’.

8) Follow the KISS principle

You’ve probably heard it a million times – Keep It Sweet and Simple. Don’t get swayed by trends in vogue. Just as with fashion, quite a few interior design trends tend to change before the season is out. Classic evergreen options are not only easier to source but also come at a much lower price. After-sales service or replacement would be easier too.

9) Shop sensibly for white goods

Sometimes we look at overhauling the white goods along with all the work that is being done. Make a list of all the appliances that need to be replaced and keep a hawk eye on sales during the festival season or annual stock clearance. Factory seconds are a great option if you like the vintage look. Sometimes you may be able to find goods that go for a discount of 60% to 70%.

10) When in doubt, recycle

Undoubtedly your renovation is going to generate a lot of waste, but as the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure’. While disposing waste will cost you money, trying to sell the stuff to the scrap dealer will earn you a buck or two – with the convenience of having it picked up right at your doorstep. Furniture, fixtures, and white goods in working condition could even be put up for sale online; you can get a decent resale value for them.

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