Home Renovation & Relocation Tips

A home is not built by bricks and wood, but with love and affection. It’s where you find comfort and peace every day. But what does enhance your living experience is the look and feel of your house. So whether you are planning to paint your house, repair your kitchen or move to a new place altogether, it is important to understand the requirements and to allocate proper finances to the job.


Renovating your house not only breathes life into its aesthetics but also adds value to the property. It is especially beneficial when real estate prices are on the rise and you decide to sell your house. A renovation is also imperative as maintenance can come with a heavy price tag if repairs aren’t done timely. While the process of renovation or reimbursement can be a costly affair, a collateral-free Personal Loan for home renovation can be the most convenient route.


Say you got a transfer at your job and you need to move to another city. It’s going to take you months to complete all the formalities of selling your current house while keeping in mind your new job joining date. Leaving the comfort of your house and relocating to a new place can be a great deal of hassle for all your family members. If you and your loved ones are looking at relocating before selling your property, you might want to consider a Personal Loan for all the expenses for smooth relocating.

Things to consider during home renovation and relocation

It is always possible to save some extra cash on renovation and relocation without compromising on the quality. Understanding the time of the year for a renovation or relocation plays a key role in planning your budget. Try to avoid popular seasons because competition in the market to secure contractors, designers, and workers can get expensive depending on demand & supply. Keep looking out for sales when it comes to repairing works, negotiate deals for your damaged or used items. For relocation, seek the help of a professional real estate agent while continuing your own research. In both cases, decide wisely what to salvage on and what to save on as per your requirement.

HDFC Bank Personal Loan to assist you

If securing finance for a renovation or relocation is impeding your wishes for a ‘dream home’, Personal Loan from HDFC Bank can bring an end to your woes. Since the cost adds up quickly in all such cases, the loan takes care of all unexpected expenses that creep in during renovation and relocation. Fixing an extra internal leakage in the external walls will be taken care of by the loans  with easy and hassle-free documentation. With the bridging loan for relocation, you can avoid the stress of selling your house immediately which could potentially call for a better bid for your property.

Selected pre-approved customer, can get this loan in just 10 seconds. If you are not one, you needn’t worry; it’ll be a matter of up to four hours for your application for a Personal Loan to be processed. With HDFC Bank Personal Loan, make your home renovation or relocation a memorable and enjoyable process. Take your time to plan and make a smart choice about when and how to proceed. It’ll help you to be within your budget without compromising on the aesthetics or functionalities.

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