How to buy a mobile on EMI with Easy EMI?

With the rapid change in the technological world, we always like to stay connected. Social media has become an integral part of our lives and to enjoy the prettiest pictures clicked on that platform or to listen to your favorite music artist you need to keep up to the times. Hence, a smartphone is the best to stay in the present and be connected with everyone around.

But with the constant updates and upgrades, it can be a bit overwhelming to get your hands on all the latest technology. At a time when a smartphone gets old within a few months of its launch, it is almost imperative that we have the latest devices in our hand. A better processor and a better camera allow you to do so a lot more with your device than what you would have imagined a few years ago. But all of this comes at a cost.

Smartphones these days don’t come cheap as well. If you can afford to pay the entire amount up front, it is quite good. But in a more realistic world, most of us have some or the other financial commitments, making it a little difficult to pay up front. Does that mean you cannot get your hands around the latest iteration of your favorite smartphone; the answer is “No”.

There are a lot of firms that provide the option to purchase a smartphone on EMI and with HDFC Bank you can buy a smart phone without the fear of completely emptying your wallets now.

You’ll wonder how one can buy phone on EMI. Is it even possible?

Let’s look at the benefits of mobile financing to buy a smart phone on EMI this summer :

  • Instant Availability
    With the help of mobile financing, you can have access to all the premium smartphone features as soon as the product is shipped. Unlike traditional loans, Consumer Loans or  EMI mobile online shopping have a much shorter turnaround time. This ensures that you get to buy your favorite smartphone even on the same day.

  • No Credit Cards
    If you are one of those who do not prefer Credit Cards, a Consumer Durable Loan from HDFC Bank makes a lot of sense. You should avoid buying a smartphone in the spur of the moment with the help of a Credit Card due to its high-interest rates. With EasyEMI through Consumer Loan, you can buy mobile on easy EMI without the interest burden.

  • Your EMI
    How to buy phone on EMI? With a Consumer Durable Loan, you have the option of designing your own EMI. You can either choose to buy a smartphone on EMI which is higher and complete repayment at the earliest or buy phone on EMI which is lower and let it run for a longer duration. Depending on your needs and requirements, select an EMI that suits your needs.

  • Wider coverage
    Most of the Consumer Loan lenders have a wide network. You can either walk into any of their outlets or give a call to the customer care or avail the facility of EMI mobile online shopping facility. A wide network ensures you are not too far from an outlet where EMI phone purchase is available no matter where you are.

  • Repayment option
    How to buy mobile on EMI and select the adequate repayment option? You can choose from a couple of repayment options when it comes to your EMI. Buy mobile on easy EMI, the repayment hassle-free with the use of the auto debit function. It means providing your bank with a standing instruction to deduct the EMI amount on specific dates and handing it over to the lender.

  • Transparency
    Nowadays, the lenders are generally transparent with their loan process and charges involved. There are no more hidden charges where you end up paying a lot of money as interest.

How to buy mobile on EMI or through HDFC Bank EasyEMI?

It is a unique facility offered by the bank that allows you to buy the mobile phone of your choice simply by using your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card. Once you make the purchase, you can easily convert it into an EasyEMI, which you can pay over a period of time. You can buy mobile on EasyEMI at online and retail stores.

  • Buy now, pay later: buy mobile on EMI now and you can pay later. With EMI phone publicity, there is no need to let go of a great deal.

  • The EasyEMI facility is a pocket-friendly option which comes with long tenures of 3 – 36 months. Just choose a tenure you are comfortable with and finalize the EMI you can afford each month.

  • Pocket-friendly: With tenures from 6 to 36 months, you can adjust your term to finalize an EMI that is just right for you

  • Hassle-free: No documentation or down payment is required. There are no processing charges

  • Instant funds: In-store or online, just pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card or an Instant Loan and take home the product right away

  • No Extra Cost EMIs: Enjoy attractive EMI phone offers from leading manufacturers

  • You can enjoy the EasyEMI facility for making online purchases as well as at leading retail merchant outlets.

Purchasing a gadget is now made easy through EasyEMI and you will get thousands and thousands of deals using on your favorite gadgets with EMI, all throughout the summer.

So know you know that buying a smartphone is not only easy with EasyEMI but the best option for people who don’t want to break their bank accounts just to buy something that is necessary this day and age. Summer treats will enable you to finally buy your dream phone with no cost EMI and CashBack 

So don’t delay your dreams, go check out the deals on smart phones this summer!

*Terms and conditions apply. EasyEMI Loan at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank limited. Loan disbursal is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement.