EasyEMI on Credit Card

Features and Benefits

  • Convenience/Processing Fee – Rs 99 to 699 + GST (*varies by product/merchant) is applicable on EMI transactions varies as per merchant

  • Flexible Repayment Tenure - Choose a tenure according to your needs; 3 to 24 months, with pocket-friendly repayment options

  • Instant Approvals and Disbursal – Skip waiting period and processing time with instant funds

  • No Documentation – Avoid paperwork or document submission and enjoy a hassle-free process

  • Zero Down Payment - Get 100% finance to buy the products and services you need

Eligibility Criteria

  • All HDFC Bank Credit Card customers are eligible for EASYEMI

  • EMI amount is determined by Credit Card limit

Where to enjoy EASYEMI option?



Electronics and smartphones

Apple, Samsung electronics, Samsung mobiles, Sony, LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, OnePlus, Panasonic, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi & many more

Laptops / tablets

Apple (MacBook & iPad ) , HP, Dell , Samsung tabs, Lenovo, Acer & many more

Furniture / Home Décor

Livspace, Homelane, Arrivae, Home Town, Royal Oak, Damro, Stanley, Homecentre.com & many more

Health & Wellness / Hospitals

VLCC, Dr Batra, Kolors, Kaya, Vibes, Clove Dental, Apollo, Indira IVF & many more

Apparels, Shoes & Accessories

Ethos, Titan Helios, Major Brands ( Indian Terrain, Alda, Bath & Body Works, Charles & Keith, etc.), Arvind Brands ( Sephora, USPA, Flying Machine, etc.), Nalli Sarees, Manyawar, Hush Puppies, Adidas, Puma & many more


BYJUs, Vedantu, Klassroom, Math Buddy, Lido learning, Upgrad, Unacademy, Whitehat Jr & many more


  • No documentation is required for availing EASYEMI on HDFC Bank Credit Card

Fees and Charges

Rate offered to the customer during the period of 1st Jan’24 To 31st Mar’24

IRRQ4 (2023-24)
Min IRR13.00%
Max IRR21.00%

​​​​​​​*ROI applicable as per the scheme

How to opt for EASYEMI on Credit Card?

  • The process is simple; just choose the EMI option while making a transaction online or at a store

  • For in-store transactions, your charge slip will contain all the details like the Loan Amount, Rate of Interest and EMI Amount.

  • For online transactions, the details will be displayed at the time of the transaction

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • GST of 18% is applicable. GST will be applicable on the Interest Component of EMI

  • The applicable GST would be dependent on place of provision (POP) and place of supply (POS). If POP and POS is in the same state, then applicable GST would be CGST and SGST/UTGST; else, IGST

  • GST for fee and charges/interest transactions billed on statement date will reflect in the next month’s statement

  • GST levied will not be reversed on any dispute in fee charges/interest

Terms and conditions for payments on EASYEMI

  • The EASYEMI Scheme is open to select HDFC Bank credit cardholders holding a valid HDFC Bank credit card issued in India. EASYEMI option is not available on select Corporate Credit Cards, Purchase and Commercial credit cards. EASYEMI transactions done on Credit Card products where the EASYEMI option is not available shall be debited to the card account in full.

  • EASYEMI transactions will not be eligible for Reward Points effective 15th July'17

  • For the First EMI, the Interest ( GAP interest) will be calculated from the loan booking date till the payment due date

  • Any query related to merchant payback / CashBack to be raised within 180 days of the transaction date.

  • EASYEMI is valid only on Credit cards in ‘regular’ status. It is not valid on cards on which a block is placed due to Payment Due, Lost Card reported, Upgrade in progress etc. EASYEMI transactions done on such Credit Cards shall be debited to the card account in full and become payable.

  • EASYEMI booking status, i.e. Sucess or Reject, is informed to the customer via SMS/Email. CM should call the PhoneBanking team to check the reason for rejection. In case of rejection, the customer will have to make payment as per the statement.

  • EASYEMI facility is available at select merchant websites and merchant outlets.

  • EASYEMI conversion will take minimum 4 working days from the date of transaction

  • EASYEMI is not valid at Jewellery merchants or at merchants classified under Jewellery related Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) by Acquiring Banks. HDFC Bank will not be liable to convert any transaction done at such merchants, and any such conversion request will be rejected in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

  • EASYEMI needs to be availed at the time of doing transactions at the merchant outlet or merchant website. It is not a backend conversion process. In case of merchant websites offering HDFC Bank EASYEMI, ‘HDFC Bank’ EMI option and required tenure needs to be selected on the payment page of the merchant website. The Bank is not liable to or responsible for converting transactions wherein the 'HDFC Bank' EMI option was not chosen by the cardholder or in case of technical issues at the merchant's end in routing the transaction to the Bank as an EMI transaction

  • In case of transactions done at physical outlets of merchants (POS transactions), please check with the merchant on the availability of the EASYEMI facility before swiping your HDFC Bank Credit card. EASYEMI in POS transactions is valid only on swipes done on HDFC Bank/Plutus swipe machine. Please ensure that the intention to avail HDFC Bank EASYEMI and the tenure option is communicated to the merchant before swiping the card. The charge slip generated post swipe will indicate the EASYEMI tenure, Transaction Amount, Merchant Payback, Loan Amount, EASYEMI Finance Charges (% on reducing balance per annum) EMI value. Please highlight to the merchant immediately if the tenure is not appearing/wrongly appearing. HDFC Bank is not liable for erroneous swipes done by merchants, e.g. Swipe done as a regular transaction instead of swiping as an EASYEMI transaction OR swipe done on another Bank swipe machine. The Bank is also not liable for converting such erroneous transactions to EASYEMI transactions at the backend.

  • Please ensure that all terms and charges mentioned on the charge slip are read before signing on the same. Cardholders can ask the merchant to void the transaction if they are not in agreement with the terms/charges. Once the merchant settles a transaction, Bank will deem the charge slip as ‘customer consent’ for EASYEMI terms, conditions and charges

  • At select merchants, 'Merchant Payback' might be applicable. This is being provided by the respective merchant/manufacturer and not by Issuing Bank. In such cases, the 'Loan amount' will be Transaction Amount less Merchant Payback amount. EASYEMI Finance Charges will be applied on the 'Loan Amount' to calculate EMI.

  • Change of tenure is not allowed once the EASYEMI transaction has been completed

  • The credit limit on the HDFC Bank credit card shall be blocked to the extent of the full transaction amount. The credit limit will be released when the EMI is billed and paid for in subsequent months as per the EMI plan.

  • The EMI debit per statement will be part of ‘Minimum Amount Due” and is payable by the Payment Due Date. Service tax, Education Cess and other taxes as mandated by Government regulations from time to time will be applicable on the interest component of each EMI billed

  • In case of online EASYEMI transactions done at merchant websites, if refund done by the merchant is greater than 90.01% of EASYEMI Prinicipal Outstanding on Credit Card, then EMI Loan will be pre-closed. Interest charged as part of EMIs already posted to the card will not be reversed. Since EMI will be preclosed, EASYEMI preclosure Interest charges (as applicable) will be levied to the card, e.g. the Customer is in 3rd month of EMI, and the statement date is 25th of every month. If the loan gets preclosed on 19th November, then interest for 25th October to 19th November will be levied as 'Preclosure Interest charges'. However, If the refund amount from the merchant is less than 90.01% of EASYEMI Principal Outstanding, then the EMI Loan will not get pre-closed. In such cases, the balance EASYEMI Prinicipal outstanding will be reduced to the extent of the refund, and EMI for the remaining tenures will be reduced.

  • All prevailing terms and conditions of merchants would apply in addition to these terms and conditions

  • Approval of EASYEMI is at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank. The EASYEMI scheme is available for select tenures. The purchase amount and interest and processing fee charges must be re-paid within the respective tenure opted for by the HDFC Bank Credit Card customer.

  • The EMI scheme can be pre-closed by calling the 24-hour HDFC Bank Credit Cards customer service. 'Preclosure Interest charges' (as applicable) will apply. In case of preclosure, any payback offered by the merchant at the time of loan booking will be debited on a pro-rata basis. Any payment made into the credit card account over and above the EASYEMI shall not be deemed to be payment towards the amount availed under the EMI scheme and shall not result in the closure of the said facility. HDFC Bank reserves the right to revise the pre-payment charges at its discretion, without prior notice, and such revised charges shall be binding on the Card Holder.

  • Customers can choose to cancel the EASYEMI transaction and pay in full instead of monthly instalments by calling the 24-hour HDFC Bank Credit Card Customer service. Cancellation will be allowed only if a customer calls within 4 days post transaction date. On cancellation original loan amount and merchant payback will be debited in full (and become payable), EMI debits will be credited, convenience will not be reversed. Once an EASYEMI transaction is cancelled on the card, the same cannot be reconverted.

  • In the event of non-payment of the minimum amount due for three successive months, the EMI shall be closed and the principal outstanding, the interest for the day till closure and the pre-closure charges shall be debited to the credit card account of the Cardholder and appear in the subsequent monthly statement. HDFC Bank shall be entitled to demand immediate repayment of such consolidated outstanding amounts.

  • If the cardholder becomes delinquent, the EMI shall be closed and the principal outstanding, the interest for the day till closure and the pre-closure charges shall be debited to the cardholder's credit card account and appear in the subsequent monthly statement. HDFC Bank shall be entitled to demand immediate repayment of such consolidated outstanding amounts.

  • If a credit card is closed prior to all instalments being charged, the amount outstanding against the EASYEMI scheme may be charged as a consolidated transaction of the card member. HDFC Bank shall be entitled to demand immediate repayment of such consolidated outstanding amount.

  • Any query/dispute regarding the payment using the EASYEMI option should be directed towards HDFC Bank, and merchants shall not be liable for the same in any manner.

  • First EMI will be billed in the subsequent month if the EMI conversion happens on the statement generation date.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Convenience Fee of Rs 99 to 699 + GST (*varies by product/merchant) Applicable for EMI transactions on HDFC Bank Cards. Convenience fee does not get reversed even in case of cancellation / pre-closure

  • Brand CashBack will be printed on the charge slip, which will be posted within 90-120 days (as per offer) from the end date of the transaction month

  • Customers will only be eligible for CashBack if mentioned on the charge slip

  • For in-store transactions, loans will be booked as per the commercials mentioned on the charge slip. Customers are advised to retain their charge slip for 180 days

  • In case of DCEMI, the CashBack will get posted only after successful payment of first 3 consecutive EMI's

  • CashBack is not applicable on EMI tenure of 3 months

  • For Card-based offers, transactions to be done on brand EMI Machine. Brand CashBack will get printed on charge slips for eligible customers.

  • Customer will not receive CashBack if not eligible as per charge slip

  • CashBack will not be posted in case of pre-closure or cancellation of loan

  • HDFC Bank does not hold any warrant or make any representation concerning the availability, delivery, quality, merchantability or suitability of the services to be rendered by merchants under the EASYEMI Scheme. HDFC Bank shall not be held liable for the same in any manner whatsoever

  • Permanently delinquent/closed accounts will be excluded. Benefits will be posted only to accounts active and non-delinquent at the time of postings.

  • Customers will be eligible for a maximum of 5 CashBacks in a month across all brands combined

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