What Should You Know About Applying for a Home Loan Up To Rs 30 Lakh?

Applying for a Home Loan can be intimidating, especially for first-time homebuyers. Thoughts of extensive and exhaustive paperwork, frequent visits to the bank and repayment hassles can make customers reluctant towards opting for the loan. 

HDFC Bank offers you Rs 30 Lakh Home Loan with minimal and hassle-free documentation. You can apply for it via the online portal of the bank and from the comfort of your home. Plus, with only a few steps, you can complete your loan application process within minutes.

How to apply for this loan?

To apply for a Rs 30 Lakh Home Loan with HDFC Bank, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit the official HDFC Bank website to apply for Rs 30 Lakh Home Loan. 

  2. Key in your verification details. 

  3. Upload the required documents. 

  4. Pay the processing fees. 

Once you complete this process, HDFC Bank will verify your details and sanction your Rs 30 Lakh Home Loan within days. If you are not comfortable applying for the loan online, you can also meet our sales representative in person at their nearest HDFC Bank branch. You can request a call back through our website.

Salaried or self-employed, you can easily get a Rs 30 Lakh Home Loan from HDFC Bank. Terms for both kinds of applicants are the same. The only difference usually is in the set of documents to be submitted.

Some of the key factors that the bank will consider while sanctioning your loan are:

  • Income 

  • Repayment capacity

Along with this, the bank will also make a note of:

  • Your age. 

  • Your qualification. 

  • The number of your dependents. 

  • The income of your spouse (if any). 

  • Your assets and liabilities.

  • Your savings history. 

  • The stability and continuity of your occupation.

For your help, HDFC Bank also offers you the facility of a Home Loan eligibility calculator. It will help you calculate the amount of housing loan you are eligible for, based on your income, home-loan tenure, and home loan interest. However, the calculator is provided only as a general self-help planning tool. So, you can check the EMI for Rs 30 Lakh Home Loan for 10 years; however, the results vary depending on several other factors, including the assumptions you provide. 

HDFC Bank offers a lower interest rate, making your repayment journey an easy one.

Additionally, HDFC Bank offers complete transparency when it comes to dealing with its customers. Our website and representatives mention all charges while giving you the loan quote. Thus, eliminating the chances of adding any last-minute hidden charges.

So, contact HDFC Bank today to apply for Rs 30 Lakh Home Loan with attractive interest rates, customised loan repayment options, low processing fees and unmatched customer service. 

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*Terms and conditions apply. Home Loan at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank Limited. Loan disbursal is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement.