Home Loan Up To 1 Crore: Buy Your Dream Home

Are you tired of paying colossal house rent month after month? Do you think a large portion of your salary is just getting washed away without generating any asset for you and your future generation?  Do you believe that you can use this money for a better purpose? 

If your answer to all these questions is a yes, you are probably ready to replace your rents with instalments.

HDFC Bank offers you up to Rs 1 Crore Home Loan to buy your house and free you from the trap of the rent cycle. 

Who can apply for this loan?

Anybody with a stable source of income can apply for Rs 1 Crore Home Loan provided by HDFC Bank. 

Some key factors that play a massive role in your loan-approval process are:

  • Your age 

  • Your qualification 

  • The number of dependents 

  • The income of your spouse (if any) 

  • Your assets and liabilities 

  • Your savings history 

  • The stability and continuity of occupation 

If your repayment capacity is satisfactory, the bank will sanction you Rs 1 Crore Home Loan.

Furthermore, you do not have to make a huge down-payment to avail of the Rs 1 Crore Home Loan. HDFC Bank allows you to pay just 10-25% of the total property cost as your contribution depending upon the loan amount. This means you can avail 75-90% of the property cost with this Home Loan.

How can you use this Home Loan?

You can use this loan to:

  • Buy an under-construction or a ready-to-move-in property from a developer. 

  • Purchase a resale property or construct a housing unit on a plot of land. 

  • Make improvements and extensions to your already existing property. 

Additionally, HDFC Bank offers you attractive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Women borrowers can also avail of a concession on the Home Loan interest rate.

HDFC Bank charges a nominal loan processing fee from borrowers, with special additional discounts for government employees. In case of any other charges, HDFC Bank mentions it upfront while giving you the loan quote to avoid confusion about any hidden costs.

The HDFC Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator allows you to get a picture of your monthly instalments. You can calculate your Rs 1 Crore Home Loan EMI for 20 years or adjust your loan tenure to suit your repaying capacity.

Contact your nearest HDFC Bank today and apply for Rs 1 Crore Home Loan.

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​​​​​​​*Terms and conditions apply. Home Loan at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank Limited. Loan disbursal is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement.