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Published on 28th Feb 24

1. What is the essence of the FleetXpress Card?
The FleetXpress Card is a Prepaid card that streamlines your corporate financial transactions with its electronic convenience; it is perfect for handling expenses related to trips done by the fleet and small-scale salary distributions. It's tailored to accelerate and simplify the payment process for businesses in the logistics segment.

2. Who is eligible for the FleetXpress Card?
All corporates engaged with HDFC Bank who are in the logistics business and have a fleet of trucks. Whether your partnership is blossoming or well-established, you can secure FleetXpress Cards for your team members.

3. Can you highlight the advantages of using the FleetXpress Card? 
Certainly! Enjoy widespread acceptance at every merchant location nationwide, cash withdrawals from any Visa/RuPay ATM, seamless online transactions, effortless loading via Corporate Portal, along with real- time transaction alerts via SMS/email and the ease of balance inquiries at any Visa/RuPay ATM across India.

4. Where does the FleetXpress Card find its utility? 
The FleetXpress Card is your passport to a wide array of services and products, valid at all merchant outlets for in-store or online purchases, includingg fuel, shopping, dining, travel, bill settlements, entertainment and more.

5. How much is the validity of the FleetXpress Card?
Your FleetXpress Card remains active for five years, remaining valid until the final working day of the month mentioned on your card. 

6. How to load the FleetXpress Card?
Corporate can load the FleetXpress Card via the Corporate Portal. Cash loading on the card and fund transfers from the card cannot be done.

7. What's the cap on loading funds to the FleetXpress Card?
The amount outstanding shall not exceed Rs. 2,00,000/- at any point in time on a Full KYC card. For Small/Minimum KYC cards, you can load the card with a maximum of up to Rs.10,000 per month and Rs.1,20,000 per annum. 
[The Prepaid cardholder can use the prepaid instrument for purposes within the applicable limits across the Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs)]. 

8. Are transaction alerts provided for the FleetXpress Card? 
Absolutely! Each transaction triggers an alert to your registered mobile number/e-mail, and you can also monitor activity on your card anytime via the Customer Portal. 

9. What should one do if one detects unauthorized transactions? 
Should you notice any transactions you didn't authorize, informing HDFC Bank immediately and having your card blocked or hotlisted to prevent further misuse is crucial. You can do so through the Customer Portal, corporate admin, or our customer support service at 080-61776177 or email help.hdfcbank@happay.com.

10. What should one do in case of failed transaction? 
In case of a failed transaction, when the amount is debited from the card, then the amount is refunded back to the card in 24 hours. If the amount is not refunded within a specified time, contact our customer support service at 080-61776177 or email help.hdfcbank@happay.com.

11. How can one administer the FleetXpress Card?
Administer your card with ease via our Customer Portal by visiting https://hdfcbank.poweredby.happay.in/login. ​​​​​​​Track your balance, check your transaction history, manage your spending limits, change your PIN, secure your card if needed and enable ecom transactions. ATM and POS transactions are enabled by default on the card. 

12. How to update the FleetXpress Card's password? 
Sign in to our Customer Portal by visiting https://hdfcbank.poweredby.happay.in/login, navigate to 'My Profile,' select 'Password,' and follow the prompts to ensure your credentials are up-to-date. 

13. What steps should be taken if the card is misplaced or stolen?
If you lose your card or it gets stolen, follow these steps right away: 

1. Quickly block your card using the Customer Portal. 

2. Alternatively, you can contact your corporate admin for help. 

3. Or call our customer support immediately at 080-61776177 for assistance.

14. How to close the card? 
​​​​​​​Contact your corporate to close the card. Corporate admin can withdraw the amount available on the card by transferring the amount to the source account and then closing the card via the corporate portal. 

15. How can I change my demographic details?

Login to the portal https://hdfcbank.poweredby.happay.in using your credentials

Click on your initials (at the top right corner) > click on my profile > select the edit option against your email id or mobile number > enter new email id or mobile number > enter login password and proceed > Success notification will be displayed post instant update of email id or mobile number