Debit Cards

Enhanced Security for Debit Card Transactions

To encourage better security on international transactions, RBI has made it mandatory to disable Online, Contactless & International transactions for customers who have been inactive for this service. This is simply a precautionary measure to ensure a safe banking experience for you. You can easily re-enable these features by following the below.

Here are listed the Steps for Enabling:

  1. Login to HDFC Bank Netbanking  ​​​​​​​
  2. Visit Debit Card section under Cards
  3. Under Request go to Set Card usage/limits
  4. Select the Debit card
  5. Go to Daily Domestic usage/limits OR Daily International usage /limits
  6. Go to Contactless Usage / Online Usage – As Required
  7. Select 'On' radio button
  8. Set transaction limits and click on Continue
  9. Review the details
  10. Authenticate & Confirm

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