3-in-1 SmartInvest Account

3-in-1 SmartInvest Account

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If you want to participate in the equity markets without having to keep track of your Demat Account, Trading Account and Savings Account individually, you can opt for HDFC Bank’s 3-in-1 Account. You can enjoy a seamless investment experience by opening a single account that offers three functionalities – Demat, Trading and Savings. Our 3-in-1 Account offers the combined benefits of Demat and Trading Accounts along with an Insta Savings Account.

The Trading and Demat Account allow you to buy and sell and store securities, respectively. These accounts are linked to your Savings Account from where the money is debited for the transactions. You can open the 3-in-1 Account from the comfort of your home with our video KYC process. All you have to do is apply once and all three accounts get created simultaneously and get linked to each other automatically.

What is a 3-in-1 Account?

A 3-in-1 Account is a combination account comprising Savings Account, Trading Account and Demat Account. You can park funds in your Savings Account, buy and sell securities using your Trading Account and hold the securities in your Demat Account.

Typically, you are required to open a separate Savings Account, Demat Account and Trading Account, probably with different brokers and banks. In this case, a trade transaction requires money to be transferred from a Savings Account to the Trading Account, which can take up to a few hours to a day. The 3-in-1 Account bundle reduces the time taken for account transfers. For instance, when you buy shares, funds are automatically allocated to the Trading Account from your Savings Account and the securities are transferred to your Demat Account within the stipulated time.

How To Open 3-in-1 Account?

You can open your 3-in-1 Account instantly with video KYC.

1. Click here to open the account.

2. Go to ‘Open Account Now’.

3. Enter your mobile number and PAN.

4. Provide your Aadhaar for Aadhaar-based OTP verification. With Aadhaar, you can get your account number instantly.

5. Fill out the online application form as instructed.

6. Next, you need to schedule an appointment for video KYC. You can select a slot between 10 am and 8 pm on regular banking days.

7. At the time of the appointment, join the video conference link received on your mobile number or email address.

8. During the call, a bank representative will capture your PAN and signature through the camera.

Once the video KYC is complete, you shall receive your account details for all three accounts shortly. A Welcome Kit will also be delivered to your doorstep.

Important things to know before joining the video KYC call:

  • Ensure proper network and lighting in the room.

  • Keep your original PAN Card handy.

  • Keep a blank white sheet of paper and black or blue pen for signature.

Key Features

  • All three accounts are opened digitally in one go.

  • Zero paperwork and zero touches. All you need to show is your PAN card, Aadhar card and a signature on white paper.

  • KYC is done via video conferencing.

  • After completing the KYC process, your Demat and Trading Account will be activated within 24 hours.

  • Single process of documentation for all three accounts, ensuring added convenience.

Through the 3-in-1 Account, you can also,

  • Learn more about investments through relevant articles and videos.

  • Place IPO orders through the available ASBA facility in 3 clicks.

  • Log in and begin a seamless trading journey through these (sites).

Eligibility Criteria For 3-in-1 Account

The following is the eligibility criteria to open a 3-in-1 Account:

Nationality: Resident Individuals

Age: Above 18 years

Additionally, the individual must have their Aadhaar linked to their mobile number for Aadhaar OTP-based KYC and have their original Permanent Account Number (PAN) for video KYC.

Benefits of 3-in-1 Account

With our 3-in-1 Account you can save, invest and grow together. Apply once and all three accounts get created and linked automatically. It offers seamless integration, making it easier for you to manage your finances. You can transfer funds instantly between your accounts, view your balances and statements online or through our mobile app, and receive consolidated statements, simplifying your financial management.

You get best offers:

  • Annual savings up to ₹12,500* with Savings Account

  • Zero Demat AMC Charges for the first year and discounted pricing for managed customers from 2nd year onwards

  • Pay Zero Brokerage - Free Volume: up to ₹25Lakh for first 90 days

  • Equity Brokerage charges up to 10P (post free volume)

  • F&O & Derivatives at flat ₹20/order

  • Best-in-class Investment Advisory Services

*T&C Apply
As per the value plan selected

Here’s how a 3-in-1 Demat Account makes trading securities convenient:

  • 360° investment opportunities

    HDFC Bank’s 3-in-1 Account gives you access to a wide array of investment solutions, including equities, derivatives, exchange traded funds, fixed income securities and Mutual Funds, to name a few.

  • Expertise & insights

    Stay up to date on the market movement through relevant articles and videos. Get access to research expertise from a dedicated team of research experts.

  • Hassle-free fund transfer

    You can instantly transfer your investment returns to your HDFC Bank Savings Account. Funds in your Savings Account will continue to earn interest until the trade order is executed.

  • Avail of Digital Loans

    ​​​​​​​Get quick financing with Digital Loans against Securities and Mutual Funds.

How 3-in-1 Account Works

For purchases

  • When you place a buy order, funds are allocated from your Savings Account to your Trading account through the ‘Fund Hold’ feature.

  • The buy order is then sent to the exchange.

  • The trade is executed once a matching sell order is received.

  • The funds (actual transactional value) are then debited from your Savings Account.

  • Within two working days, the shares are automatically credited to your linked Demat account.

For sales

  • When you place a sell order, shares are allocated from your Demat account to your Trading account through the ‘Hold Securities’ feature.

  • The sell order is then sent to the exchange.

  • The trade is executed once a matching buy order is received.

  • The shares (actual sell quantity) are then debited from your Demat account.

  • Within two working days, the funds from the sale are automatically credited to your linked Savings account.

Investment opportunities through 3-in-1 Account

Involves buying shares of companies on the stock market, which can earn dividends or be traded later for profits.

Mutual Funds: Money pooled in by investors, which is further invested by a professional fund manager in securities (bonds, stock, etc.) to earn profits.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF): Type of fund which is a pooled investment security that trades just like mutual funds on a stock exchange.

NCDs, Bonds and Corporate FDs: While NCDs (non-convertible debentures) are issued by corporates to raise funds from the public and Bonds are fixed income instruments that companies and governments use to raise money from investors. Corporate FDs are a type of Fixed Deposit that companies offer to the general public to raise capital.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP): Lets investors put money in mutual funds through regular, pocket-friendly payments, making it easier to invest.

Derivatives: Type of secondary security wherein the value is derived or based on the value of the main security to which it is linked.

Tax Saving: Instruments that let you invest your income while also providing exemptions and deductions to reduce your overall taxable income.

Currency Derivatives: Financial contracts between buyers and sellers that involve the exchange of two different currencies at a pre-fixed rate, for a later date.

FAQs - Last Modified On 05/09/2023

1. What is HDFC Bank SmartInvest 3-in-1 Account?

HDFC Bank SmartInvest account is the all-new 3-in-1 account. With this digital application process, you can can save , invest and grow your finances at the same time. With one single digital journey, your Savings/ Salary + Demat + Trading Account can be opened at one go.

2. Where can you find the SmartInvest 3-in-1 Demat Account opening link?

You can get the link from your Relationship Manager/any branch to get started with the account opening. As a customer, you can also visit the HDFC Bank website > Invest > Demat > 3-in-1 SmartInvest account and open the account.

3. Who are eligible to open a SmartInvest 3-in-1 Account?

All Indian residents – individuals, aged between 18 to 100 can open this account.

4. How is this account different from Insta Savings Account?

SmartInvest will help you to open Demat and Trading accounts along with Savings Account. The link for opening an account is the same which was used for Insta Savings Account. However, you can now apply for all 3 accounts (Savings Account + Demat + Trading) at the same time.

5. What if you want to open only Savings Account/Salary Account?

Yes, you can open only Savings Account/Salary Account without opting for Demat and Trading Account.

6. Will you get the Instant Savings Account, Demat and Trading Account number?

You will get Instant Savings Account number (if the account is opened via Aadhaar EKYC). Demat and Trading reference number for Demat and Trading will be generated and displayed for your reference. Demat and Trading Account numbers will be generated and given to you only once the Savings Account is fully activated i.e. post completion of video KYC.

7. Is the Demat and Trading Account opened instantly?

The Demat and Trading account will remain in registered mode and only the reference number would be shared with you. The Demat and Trading Account numbers will be generated and given to you only once the Savings Account is fully activated i.e. post completion of video KYC.

8. How long does it take for activating the Demat and Trading Account opened in registered mode?

Once the KYC is completed for Savings Account i.e. Video KYC is completed, you will receive Demat and Trading account number. The accounts will be activated in 24 to 48 hours.

9. What are the pre-requisite requirements?

Pre-requisites to be eligible for opening a SmartInvest Account are as below:-

  • New to Bank Customer* - Resident Individual Only (should not have any other active/closed Savings Account opened in the past)

  • Age between 18 to 100 years only

  • Mobile number used in the journey should be linked to its Aadhaar

  • PAN should be seeded with Aadhaar (regulatory requirement w.e.f 1st Apr’22)

  • PAN copy, Aadhaar copy and signature copy is mandatory to complete the journey

  • Camera option to be enabled for live selfie

  • Location access to be on

  • Savings Account to be full KYC(video KYCc)

10. If you opt for any other ID proof (other than Aadhaar), will the account get activated instantly?

No, if you opt for any other ID proof instead of Aadhaar, then the Demat and Trading will not be activated till full KYC is completed.

11. Is live photograph mandatorily required for opening Demat and Trading account?

Yes, its mandatory to click a live selfie along with live location geo tagging for opening 3-in1 account. In case you are opening only Savings Account, photograph upload option can be used.

12. How do you click a live selfie during the process?

Allow webcam access to take live selfie photo.

Please take clear selfie photo and ensure that the entire face is clearly visible, the eyes are open and only one face is visible in the uploaded image. Make sure that photo of the photo is not uploaded.

13. Which address is updated in the Demat and Trading Account in case submits a different address in Savings Account for mailing and permanent address?

In case you submit different addresses for mailing and permanent, then the address as per Aadhaar would be captured for opening Demat and Trading account. The address in Aadhaar will be captured in both permanent and mailing address in Demat and Trading accounts.

14. Can a nominee be added in Demat and Trading account digitally in the journey itself?

Yes, the nominee details like name, mobile number, email id, PAN card number, relationship with account holder, date of birth, need to be submitted for updation in Demat and Trading Account digitally in the trading account opening process. A maximum of three nominees can be updated in the account specifying the proportion for each.