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Card Activation

HDFC Bank Credit Card Activation Guidelines


HDFC Bank Credit Card holders have to activate their Credit Cards within 37 days from Card Open Date, as per ‘Master Direction – Credit and Debit Card – Issuance and Conduct Directions, 2022’ dated April 21, 2022 realized by Reserve bank of India (RBI).

(Details: rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_ViewMasDirections.aspx?id=12300)

In case the Credit Card is not activated through one of the below mentioned modes, the Credit Card Account will have to be closed by the Bank as per the Master Direction Guidelines.

Modes for Activation:

  • Setting Credit Card PIN :

    Through IVR – Card holders can set their 4 digit Credit Card PIN by calling IVR No. 1860 266 0333. Upon calling the IVR please input your card number, validate through OTP and set your preferred PIN

    Through Net Banking – Log in to our Net Banking and visit Cards. Choose Change PIN and set your preferred PIN (available only for customers holding savings/salary/current accounts)

  • Enabling your online, contactless and international transactions :

    Through MyCards 
    – Visit Mycards.hdfcbank.com log in through OTP and link your credit card. Please click on the "Card Control" tab to enable Online, Contactless and/or International transactions

    Through Whatsapp Banking – Please save the number 7070022222 and send a message "Manage My Credit Card" to enable. Alternatively, you can click here

    ​​​​​​​Through Eva – To interact with Eva, please click here and choose your preferred transactions to enable.

  • Through Credit Card usage :

    Use your Credit Card for at least 1 Online / POS transaction to activate your credit card

  • SmartPay Registration:

    Now add billers to your HDFC Bank credit card and register for SmartPay by giving standing instructions on your credit card


What will happen if not activated within 37 days?​​​​​​​

Your Credit Card will be closed and cannot be used further as per the regulations. Request you to contact us to apply for new credit card in future.