Raise your credit limit in a jiffy!

For a special few, bank enhances credit limit based on usage, repayment & spending power. Check your eligibility in just 2 clicks right here.

Why should you enhance your credit limit?

  • Instead of having multiple Credit Cards with varying limit, increase your HDFC Bank Credit Card limit to a higher amount for easy spending

  • It improves your credit scores  

  • It gives you higher Reward Points consolidated on one Card

  • It makes you eligible for a higher Loan on Credit Card

  • Allows you upgrade to a premium Credit Card and avail more benefits/rewards

How to increase your credit limit?

Enjoy a new credit limit in just 3 quick steps – click here

  • Verify your identity 

  • Check eligible limit 

  • Confirm


Log-in to NetBanking >> Go to ‘Cards’>>Click on ‘Request’ >> Proceed to ‘Credit Limit Enhancement’

If you are eligible, you can place a request and increase your credit limit.

Phone banking

You can also call our 24/7 customer care number for assistance. 

Or visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch for details and enquiry on Credit Card limit enhancement.