Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

  • Earn 1,000 Reward Points when you achieve spends of Rs. 90,000 in anniversary year.
  • Anniversary year is defined as 12 months period from card setup or last upgrade/downgrade date. For ex: if your card setup/upgrade/downgrade date is 18th January 2020, anniversary year will be 18th January 2020 to 17th January 2021 and so on.
  • This benefit is applicable w.e.f. 18th January 2018 only and any spends done before 18th January 2018 will not be considered for this benefit. For Ex: if your card setup date is 20th December 2017, Retail Spends between 18th January 2018 to 19th December 2018 will be considered for this benefit for the first anniversary cycle. From second cycle onwards all retail spends between 20th December and 19th December of subsequent year will be considered for the benefit.
  • In case existing business card gets upgraded or downgraded during the anniversary cycle to other business card variant
  • Customer will qualify for annual spend benefit of old card only if annual spend target is achieved before the date of upgrade/downgrade
  • Spends calculation for annual spend benefit (feature if applicable) on the new business card variant will start from date of upgrade/downgrade.
  • Illustration for upgrade during anniversary cycle


If customer holds CSC Small Business MoneyBack & Card setup date is


First Anniversary Cycle for CSC Small Business MoneyBack will be

18-Jan-18 to 17-Jan-19

Annual Spend target


Customer's request for upgrade from CSC Small Business MoneyBack to Business Regalia is processed on


  • Customer will qualify for bonus reward points as per CSC Small Business MoneyBack feature, only if customer has spent more than Rs. 90,000 between 18-Jan-2018 and 17-Sep-2018,
  • First Anniversary cycle for Business Regalia will be from 18th Sep'18 to 17th Sep'19.
  • EMI transactions won't be considered for spend calculation.
  • Card Holder/s whose account has been classified as delinquent before or during the currency of the Program, or when the Reward Point is to be posted, will not be eligible for the Reward Point under this offer.