Dos and Dont for investors NSDL

NSDL’s various investor centric initiatives - Dos and Don’t for investors / Demat account holders

For the safety of investors and make them prudent, NSDL has regularly launched various investor centric initiatives to provide the highest standards of investor education, investor awareness and timely services so as to enhance Investor Protection and create awareness about Investor Rights. Few of the initiatives including Dos and Don’ts for the investors are as follows:

  1. NSDL SPEED-e Mobile APP :

To track, view the holdings of demat account details with value, investors can download NSDL SPEED-e Mobile App, which is available for download at Google

Play and App Store. To download the app from Google play store, the QR code is as follows :

To download the app from Apple Store, the QR code is as follows :


  1. eServices (SPEED-e):

To submit instructions online (market and off-market), investor can register for SPEED-e facility ( Investors submit MF redemption and confirm off-market instructions as well on SPEED-e facility. Further, in case of e-Token User of SPEED-e facility, investor can freeze their demat accounts.

  1. eServices (IDeAS):

IDeAS facilitates viewing of holdings in the demat account with value including transactions. Further, IDeAS also provide certain value added services viz., view and download of NSDL-CAS, e-Voting and download of Form 26 AS.

  1. NSDL SMS Facility

NSDL provides SMS Alert facility for demat account holders whereby they can receive SMS alerts directly from NSDL for following:

  1. All Debit Transfers

  2. Credits for IPO, sub-division and bonus

  3. Failed instructions

  4. Overdue instructions

  5. Change of mobile number

  6. Change of address

  7. Debit of Mutual Fund units

  8. Invocation of pledged securities

  9. Registration and De-registration of Power of Attorney

  10. Modification / Cancellation of nominee name

  11. Initiation/Confirmation of pledge instructions

  12. Mutual fund redemption request submission by client and acceptance/rejection of the same by RTA.

  13. SMS Alerts to Clients for Blocking/Debit of shares in demat account in respect of Tender Offer instruction.

Investors are requested to register for NSDL’s SMS alert facility to ensure to track their demat accounts.

  1. Online update of opt-in / opt-out nomination:

Investors can register for opt-in/opt-out nomination for select Participants at

  1. Online update of email / income range:

To update email ID and income range in the demat account, investors can visit the weblink

  1. Registering for eCAS

Investors can register to receive NSDL-CAS in electronic form by registering at NSDL micro site -

Further, Investors are requested to note the Dos and Don’ts while operating their demat accounts:

  1. Always deal with a SEBI registered Depository Participant for opening a demat account. Read all the documents carefully before signing them.

  2. Register / update your email ID and mobile number in your demat account to regularly receive alerts from NSDL.

  3. Do not share the OTP or password with anyone as these are meant exclusively for you.

  4. Do not download unknown Apps on your phone / device. The unknown app may access your confidential data.

  5. Ensure to register the password of online platforms in a unique form. Please ensure that the password is complex and strong. Further, please ensure to change the password at regular intervals.

  6. Before granting Power of attorney to operate your demat account to an intermediary like Stock Broker, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) etc., carefully examine the scope and implications of powers being granted.

  7. Regularly monitor your NSDL-CAS statement received from NSDL through electronic or physical mode.

  8. In case you change any details in your demat account viz., address, bank details, mobile number or email ID etc, please ensure to receive Client Master List / Confirmation of updation from your Participant.

  9. Please ensure to monitor the alert viz., SMS / email received from NSDL with respect to debits or changes in the demographic details.

  10. Please ensure safe keeping of Delivery Instructions Slips.

  11. Please ensure to nominate in your demat account.

  12. For Investor Complaint/ Grievances, investors can contact at​​​​​​​

    • SCORES (a web based centralized grievance redressal system of SEBI)
    • At NSDL
    • Emails to designated email IDs of Depositor.

Furthermore, NSDL has uploaded the Investor Charter on the NSDL website. The same is available on link for information.

Dos and Dont for investors CDSL