CBX Key Features

Accounts Information & Services

CBX provides ‘Online’ and ‘Real time’ access to all your accounts backed by multiple service options ensuring a high degree of service efficiency for your day to day banking needs.

Key features:

  • Single view across multi-company accounts
  • Ability to view and download real time account statement in multiple formats.
  • Enquiry of the status of all Cheques issued (single or multiple) with instant paid / unpaid status
  • Request for Cheque books online and view of the request status
  • Online stop payment of Cheques with instant status confirmation

Payments & Collection Services

CBX supports the entire gamut of ‘Payment Services’, ensuring a ‘One Stop Shop’ approach across the payments lifecycle from Initiation, Verification, Authorisation, Execution and Reconciliation. Our seamless payments execution model ensures superior level of speed and efficiency.

Key features:

  • ‘Online’ and ‘Real time’ option (Single and Bulk) across all payment types
  • Ability to ‘multi future value date’ payments in a single file backed by an ability to transact round the clock.
  • Multi-authorization capability on all transactions in line with Company’s board resolution.
  • Simplified screen interface with ‘Smart template option’ useful for repeat payments.
  • Beneficiary mapping & validation ensures additional control through verification of beneficiary payment information with the master.
  • Real time email advice to Beneficiaries on successful execution of each transaction

Single smart tax interface

CBX provides a smart single interface for all your Tax requirements covering all Direct Taxes (Income Tax and TDS)/CBDT, GST, ESIC & EPFO. Over and above the various local and state level levies are also supported online.

Salary & Employee Payments

CBX enables you to efficiently manage your employee’s salary & expenses by offering unique disbursement facilities.

Key features:

  • Online, real-time payments with flexibility future value date payment files
  • Ability to facilitate NEFT payments to employees with non-HDFC Bank accounts while payments to HDFC Bank accounts is through Funds transfer route.
  • Payments are processed with single debits to your account thereby facilitating easy reconciliation while ensuring confidentiality
  • Reverse confirmation available post execution provides transaction wise status updates while facilitating auto reconciliation
  • SMS alerts is sent to respective employees once the payment has been effected

Safe & Secure

Security remains the cornerstone of the CBX platform

  • Flexible, Secured and Scalable Platform CBX supports a highly interoperable architecture across enterprise applications.

  • Access is only through 2 Factor Authentication using the Vasco token or ‘Mobile based Soft token

  • CBX Supports an extensive security framework on the transaction execution front with following transaction level and business controls

  • 128 bit SSL channel encrypted - All transaction data is digitally signed from the point of origination to settlements.

  • Compliance to the best practices recommended by various regulatory authorities and Information Technology Act 2000. All transaction users are issued Soft or Vasco tokens by the bank along-with with the user specific login credentials

  • Portability : The portability of e-token enables the user to use the token at any time and any place and can be accessed through any PC/ Mobile.


Login Process