All New PayZapp for Online Payments. All New Offers!

All New PayZapp for Online Payments. All New Offers!
HDFC Bank's PayZapp App Is…
HDFC Bank's PayZapp App Is…


Send money, pay for shopping in a click

HDFC Bank's PayZapp App Is…


Transact anytime, anywhere

HDFC Bank's PayZapp App Is…


Card details aren’t stored on phone or shared

We have upgraded your PayZapp experience – Download the new app and use the same mobile number. Please note that the access to your old PayZapp wallet balance will be stopped on May 10, 2023. The old wallet balance will be transferred to the new PayZapp wallet on successful registration & KYC validation. 

But that's not all! As the IPL season unfolds, PayZapp is gearing up to make it even more thrilling with a lineup of exciting contests and offers. Dive into the Jeeto Dhan Dhana Dhan Jio Cinema Contest to put your cricket knowledge to the test and earn enticing cashback on bill payments. Plus, don't miss the PayZapp Rewards Rush, offering 100% Moneyback from 2nd strategic timeouts until midnight.   

During the IPL season, every transaction with PayZapp brings you closer to new rewards with the 'Score Big on PayZapp' IPL payment offer. Win e-vouchers and signed merchandise by simply using PayZapp for bill payments, fund transfers, and more. So, why wait? Download PayZapp now to enjoy a simplified transaction experience and seize the opportunity to participate in our rewarding IPL contests. Know more.

All You Need To Know

One-click payments

Pay, recharge, send money in one click

Transact anytime, anywhere in minutes

Secure transactions

Information on credit cards are not stored on your phone or shared with partner merchants

Protect transactions with a unique 4- to 12-digit password

Range of payments

Shop online, compare and buy products, book flight tickets on SmartBuy

Pay your bills, recharge mobile phone and DTH connections or send money to your contacts

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For any frauds/cybercrime related cases pertaining to PayZapp, please report/write to


  • What is the use of PayZapp?

HDFC Bank’s PayZapp is an online payment app, that doubles as a digital wallet and a virtual card. You can use PayZapp to pay for online and offline services like paying bills, sending money, shopping online, etc., without having to use your bank account or cards.

  • Is PayZapp only for HDFC Bank Customers? 

No, it is not. Both, HDFC Bank and non-HDFC Bank customers can access the PayZapp app.

  • What is the transaction limit on PayZapp? 

The PayZapp transactions limits are ₹10,000 per month for non-KYC Accounts and ₹200,00 per month for KYC-compliant customers.

  • Is PayZapp safe to use?

Yes, PayZapp is incredibly safe. PayZapp logins are secured with PIN and biometrics. Plus, all transactions are password-protected and must be authenticated by the user to prevent unauthorised usage. 

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Read Our Customer’s Experiences

Payzapp: UPI, Payments very easy to install and use compared to other application I looked at. Thank you for such a great app that helps new users. Would recommend this app to anyone

- Kamal Kant Mishra


Customer service support is good. The best thing in UPI transfer is that if we put a mobile number, it automatically searches for a respective UPI account, which can be any gpay,phone pe,etc.

- Abulkalam Azul


Much faster than the previous PayZapp version and no error or bugs seen. Points earned can be converted to cash. Using it more than my other mobile payment app (which I have been using for a long time now).

- Mahendran S C

After the update, the app has been super user-friendly and the design is great. Also, they give lots of cashpoints for all transactions

- Nirupama V​​​​​​​

I am loving this new interface. App experience is smoother and quicker. All features and functionalities are well organised. Reward program is also good.

- Ajay Yadav​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Its very handy to use. App looks very beautiful than any other apps. All features are good. Payments are done very fast. Thank you HDFC for this app.

- Pradyuman Kumar Mohanty


Ul interface is so attractive and beautifully well designed. It's faster than any other UPI apps. My experience about this apps so amazing :)

- Pintu Prajapati