EVA Chat for Savings Account

You can instantly open an HDFC Bank Savings Account with the help of EVA. You can check our Savings Account benefits, find your HDFC Bank branch, view offers on HDFC Bank Debit Cards or get your Savings Account queries answered with our FAQs section. You can search for and open different types of Saving Account as well. With EVA, you can also change the chat language or use voice command to search for what you need.  

EVA Chat for Personal Loan

Check the various Personal Loan offers including Pre-Approved Loans and offers of the day. Get information on our Personal Loan features and eligibility. You can click on ‘Personal Loan’ from our top searches, and you will be directed to our online application page where you can select your employment type and complete the entire application process online. You can check our Personal Loan processing charges, stamp duty, prepayment charges and late payment fees.

EVA Chat for Business Loan

Type in Business Loans in the EVA and get answers to common queries about HDFC Bank’s Business Loans. Get information on our features, eligibility, interest rates, fees and charges and the documents required. With EVA, you can instantly start your online application process. Based on your recent searches, EVA smartly computes other queries you may have pertaining to other Business Loans, which you can find under the ‘Related Questions..’ section. 

EVA Chat for Loan on Credit Card

As an existing HDFC Bank Credit Cardholder, you can get a Loan on your Credit Card to meet immediate cash crunch. Type in ‘Loan on Credit Card’ in the chatbot, and you can get information on the eligibility and features. You can instantly apply for a Insta Loan (within Credit Limit) or a Jumbo Loan (Above Credit Limit). You can also check existing Loan’s EMI summary by providing your registered mobile number and your Credit Card’s last four digits. Use EVA to quickly close your existing Loan on Credit Card. 

EVA Chat for Two Wheeler Loan

EVA helps you avail of a Two Wheeler Loan online. Get information on the eligibility criteria, documents and interest rate offerings. You can also check for special offers on our Two Wheeler Loans. EVA will also redirect you to our Xpress Two Wheeler Loan page where you can check for pre-approved loans and apply instantly. Know how much financing you can avail on your Two Wheeler Loan. If you have an ongoing loan, you can check its summary with EVA. 

EVA Chat for Fixed Deposit

As an existing HDFC Bank customer, you can book your Fixed Deposits instantly with EVA. You can also get access to the FD Calculator wherein you can check your returns. Get the latest FD interest rates or get information on how to apply for an Overdraft against an FD. See the types of FDs you can open and learn about HDFC Bank’s Sweep-in facility. Find out the terms and conditions associated with premature FD closure. 

EVA Chat for Salary Account

Know how you can open a Salary Account with HDFC Bank. Learn about its features, Debit Card benefits, investment options, Bill Pay offers and more. Get answers to account and Debit Card related queries under the FAQs section. You can check your eligibility and get information on the types of Salary Accounts. Check the process to link your Salary Account with your employer, how to get started with NetBanking and Mobile Banking, how to create UPI handle and more. 

EVA Chat for Home Loan

Type in Home Loans in the chatbot and EVA will direct you to our Home Loan portal. EVA will assist you by providing you information on your Home Loan eligibility, charges and required documents. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can check their eligibility as well. You can access the Home Loan EMI Calculator to find out your potential monthly EMI. EVA will also equip you with information pertaining to Home Loan Balance transfer. You can also check the interest rates that HDFC Bank offers for Home Loans. 

EVA Chat for Car Loan

Know how you can apply for a New Car Loan and a Used Car Loan. You can also get access to a Car Loan EMI Calculator which helps you get an estimate on your EMIs. Select the ‘Apply for Car Loan’ option to instantly begin your online application. You can also ask EVA to provide other information you may need on Car Loans such as interest rates (for both, New Card Loan and Used Card Loan), loan amount limits, fees and charges, documents required. 

EVA Chat for Credit Card

Ask the EVA chatbot to provide information on our Credit Cards and you can learn about the application process, our Credit Card services offerings, offers, eligibility criteria and much more. You can also find a Credit Card that suits your lifestyle and financial needs. Instantly get Credit Card statements by providing your registered mobile number and last four digits of your Credit Card. EVA also allows you to pay your Credit Card bills with your choice of payment mode. 

EVA Chat for Debit Card

Type ‘Debit Card’ in the EVA chatbot to learn about HDFC Bank Debit Cards, the card activation process, eligibility for EMI on Debit Card and various fees and charges. Existing customers can apply for a Debit Card or upgrade their existing card. New customers can open an HDFC Bank Savings Account online and get a Debit Card. You can also apply for Debit Card reissuance with your registered mobile number. NRIs can also make use of EVA to apply for a Debit Card for their NRE and NRO Accounts.