Let’s Make Banking Safe

We at HDFC Bank regularly conduct Secure Banking workshops to educate our customers and the general public on how to best protect themselves from cyber-fraud so that sensitive information such as OTP (one-time password), CVV, Debit or Credit Card PIN, etc. is not revealed by them. 

With the rise of online and phishing scams, especially with the rise of digitalisation in the post-covid world, it is imperative to have vigilant digital security so as to protect your customers from falling prey to scamsters. HDFC Bank, under the guidance and vigilance of the RBI, takes a proactive step to ensure its customer's safety against hackers and scammers.

We held the 'Mooh Band Rakho' campaign in 2020 and 2021 under the customer outreach program. Over 2800+ workshops were conducted to help customers stay safe from banking fraud.  This has been done to prevent phishing and online scamming activities. With a bit of precaution and wisdom, you can win the war on cyber-fraud.

Coverage So Far & Still Counting...

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Glimpses Of The Session

​​​​​​​What customers have to say about it

I had attended online seminar during Covid. Program was really helpful as I was so scared of investing during covid due to the rise scammers & cyber frauds. But this session helped me safeguard myself from these scammers

- Jaswant Kaushik, Managing Director,  J&B Enterprise

 I attended the credit outreach programme by HDFC Bank, this programme was very helpful. 

-  Manjamna N, Shree Ganapati Mahila Self Help Group ​​​​​​​

Thank you for the session on Digital Banking for cyber-crime awareness. It was knowledgeable session and would like to thank HDFC Bank to take such initiative for customer awareness.

- Shamsher Kaushik, TSI​ - In charge, Haryana Police

The session was very insightful and informative considering the financial frauds and with such sessions it helps us to be aware and alert. I look forward to attend such informative sessions in the future as well!

-  Amit Yadav, Team Lead, HCL ​​​​​​​