To participate in our venture and unlock the potential of HDFC Bank Venture Capital, please ensure the following criteria are met:

  • Indian-domiciled companies only: We invest exclusively in startups based in India.

  • Sector-agnostic focus: We have a diverse appetite for innovation and growth and welcome startups from all sectors. If your venture exhibits direct or indirect synergies with HDFC Bank or our customers, it's a definite advantage.

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion: At HDFC Bank Venture Capital, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. We actively support portfolio companies that provide inclusive and equal opportunities for all.

  • Validated product / solution: While we appreciate great ideas, we can invest only after your product / solution has been validated by some early customers. Show us the promise of your venture, and we'll help you scale it to greater heights.

The HDFC Bank Venture Capital Program has an investment committee (“IC”) that makes all the investment and the divestment decisions. The IC comprises of a combination of HDFC Bank members as well as independent members.  Investment proposals to be made on behalf of the Fund are referred to the IC for a final decision. Investment decisions of the IC are made unanimously. The IC may be reconstituted and members may change as per Bank's policies.