FD Calculator: Calculate Returns Using Fixed Deposit Calculator

Use our fixed deposits (FD) calculator to figure out the maturity amount and the interest you will earn on your deposits.

*The amount mentioned in the calculator is an indicative figure.

Please refer the FD/ RD advice to get the exact maturity amount
Here are the easy ways to book your Fixed Deposit

  • Login using your mobile no. registered with HDFC Bank

  • Login via NetBanking > Accounts > Transact > Open Fixed Deposit


Terms and Conditions​​​​​​​

  • The rates are subject to change from time to time

  • The rates auto populated are for Resident deposits < 2Cr

  • The bank will pay interest as per the rates published on the website for the respective dates and tenors

  • As per the Terms & Conditions of Fixed Deposit Accounts of the bank,With effect from July 22nd, 2023, the interest rate applicable for premature withdrawal  including Sweep-in / Partial Withdrawal will be 1% lower (as applicable) of the rate on the date of deposit booked, to the period for which deposit remained with the bank and not at the contracted rate.

  • To check the interest rates Click here

Fixed Deposit Calculator FAQs

Do I need to pay any penalty on premature closure of Fixed Deposit?

As per the Terms & Conditions of Fixed Deposit Accounts of the bank, the penalty on premature closure of Fixed Deposits, including sweep-in and partial closures, has been fixed by the Bank at the rate of 1% of the fixed deposit interest rate. This is applicable with effect from 24th January, 2011.

Why is the principal amount and the fixed deposit maturity amount of my Fixed Deposit the same?

When your Fixed Deposit is booked with the quarterly / monthly interest pay out option, the maturity amount is the same as the principal amount. The interest amount will be credited to your account at quarterly / monthly intervals.

Does HDFC Bank offer preferential rate of interest on Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens?

We offer preferential rate of interest on Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens. If you are a senior citizen, all you need to do is register as one by calling any Branch with proof of your Date of Birth. Once registered as a Senior Citizen, you are eligible for preferential rates of interest on Fixed Deposits opened through NetBanking as well.

Click here to Interest Rates on Fixed Deposits.

The Fixed Deposit will be booked in the same combination/ order of names as the existing Current/Savings account, from which the funds are being transferred.

Where can I register for HDFC Bank’s NetBanking facility?

In case you are not registered for the NetBanking facility, we request you to visit the following URL. Click here for how to register:

How can I book a Fixed Deposit through NetBanking?

You can book Fixed Deposits through NetBanking provided:

  • You have registered for the facility with necessary online financial transaction rights
  • Your PAN number is updated under your Customer Identification Number in Bank's records

The following are the steps required to book your Fixed Deposit online:

  • Access your NetBanking account with your Customer ID and IPIN (NetBanking Password)
  • Select "Open New Fixed Deposit" option under the Fixed Deposit menu from the Menu bar located on the left hand side of the web page
  • Select the desired values from the Drop-down lists
  • Once complete, click on "Continue" and "Confirm" the details entered

A new web page, confirming the Fixed Deposit booking, will be displayed. Physical advice will not be sent for Fixed Deposits booked through Net Banking. An electronic mail advice will be sent to you on your registered e-mail ID within 2 working days. The password for your Fixed Deposit Advice will be your Customer ID.

At any point, if you wish to check your Fixed Deposit holdings, the same may be viewed on the Fixed Deposit summary page on Net banking. In case you want physical advice, you may walk into your nearest HDFC bank branch.

I have made a Fixed Deposit with HDFC Bank. I want to update my PAN details in the account, how should I update my new PAN details?

Customer's can now update PAN details through net banking, if they are registered for the same Or by submitting the request along with a copy of the PAN at the nearest branch.

For more details on the outstation cheque collection policy, click here. For other queries, Contact Us.

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