Product/Type of ChargeImperia Fees and Charges
Charges on Non-Maintenance of minimum Balance in Savings AccountsNil charges
Debit Card Annual Fee

Annual fee per Imperia Platinum Chip Debit Card is Rs. 750* p.a. *Exclusive of taxes. 

The above fees will be waived as long as you are a part of the HDFC Bank Imperia Premium Banking Programme#.

ATM / Debit card Pin Regeneration Charges
(Green PIN/ Physical PIN)
Nil charges
Transactions on Domestic ATMNo charges for usage of HDFC Bank as well as Non HDFC Bank ATMs
Locker Annual RentalLocker with Nil annual rental charge available for first locker allocated per group
Forex transactions ratesUp to 10 paise better rate on card rate for forex transactions on select currencies. 
Multicurrency Forex Card

50% Discount on issuance fees on Multicurrency card. 

Log-on to: https://getprepaidcard.hdfcbank.com/index.aspx, for discount, contact your RM for the promo code.

Chequebook issuance Nil charges for Savings Account.
DD/MC Charges on Savings AccountsNil issuance charges 
DD/MC Cancellation / revalidation on Savings AccountNil charges
Cash Transaction Charges for Savings Accounts (cumulative of deposit/withdrawal and home/non-home branch)
Effective 9th December'17 
10 transactions with nil charges
Value of Rs. 15 Lakh at nil charge per month per account 'Self/Third party' inclusive
Transactions that exceed above limits will be charged as per the existing cash transaction charges as per the standalone Savings Account variant held by the customer
Demat account Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) *Non BSDA Demat accounts Nil Annual Maintenance charge Click here for detailed tariff sheet.
To know more about the Features of Regular & BSDA A/c click here
Cheque return charges drawn on us

Due to funds transfer cheque return
Rs. 350/- (Sr Citizen - Rs 315)

Due to technical reasons
Rs. 50/- (Sr Citizen - Rs 45) (e.g. - Date not mentioned, post-dated, sign mismatch, etc.)Due to insufficient funds 
Return in a month 1st - Rs.450 (Sr Citizen - Rs 400)
Return in a month 2nd - Rs.500 (Sr Citizen - Rs 450)
Return in a month 3rd onwards - Rs.550 (Sr Citizen - Rs 500)

Cheques deposited - Returned Unpaid(Effective 1st Dec'17)Nil charges
ECS /ACH Return ChargesNil charges
Service Charges for Savings AccountNil charges on all the below services for Imperia customers:
- Inter-branch funds transfer charges
- Stop payment charges
- Cheque collection charges
- Duplicate statement
- Mandate registration charges
- Old records/copy of paid cheques
- Interest Certificate
- Balance Certificate
- Address Confirmation
- Signature Attestation
IPIN / TPIN re-generationRs.40, Senior citizen - Rs.36
Standing InstructionsNil charges
NEFT/RTGSNil charges through online mode
Charges applicable as per savings / current account variant for outward fund transfers done through branch
IMPSNil charges
Bill PayNil charges
Insta AlertNil charges
Current Accounts

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Click here for detailed Tariff on Regular Premium Plus Current Account

Click here for detailed Tariff on Agri  Professional E-Comm Current Account

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Past Records

Click here to view Fees & Charges for Generic Current Account before 1st October'2023.

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"HDFC Bank Programme Terms and conditions apply.
"All other charges/fees not listed above will be applicable as per the respective base product variant held by the customer
Taxes as applicable would be charged separately

In case of change in account relationship/downgrade of account, the debit card annual charges shall be applicable from the date of change in relationship. The schedule of charges is subject to change from time to time and the customer is requested to visit the website www.hdfcbank.com for further information. The customer further agrees and gives its express consent that, in case of a change in account relationship at any point in time, the Bank reserves the unconditional right to levy appropriate charges as applicable for the Debit Card variant on pro rata basis for the period from the date of change in account relationship till the next billing date, as may be applicable.