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PPI Escrow Account


We at HDFC Bank are happy to offer PPI Escrow account which effectively addresses your online wallet business needs.

Need of PPI Escrow Account

  • As per RBI, entities having RBI license to issue Semi Closed Prepaid Instrument (PPI) need to open PPI escrow account with a bank to maintain the outstanding balance against issued PPI instrument.
  • The money collected is utilized to make payment to merchants under acceptance arrangement and for facilitating funds transfer / remittance services.

Features and benefits of HDFC Bank PPI Escrow Account

  • No charges of account opening and operation.
  • Dedicated operations team which only handles the Payment and settlement process of PPI Escrow Account.
  • Upload settlement file to pay to your merchants through Online platform ENET.
  • Also offer you a seamless flow of payment instruction through host to host/ ERP integration.
  • Maker and checker concept at your end to upload a settlement file.
  • Offers two factor security on E-Net - Login id and E-Net Soft Token

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Eligibility Criteria

PPI Escrow Account can be availed by the entities who have RBI license to issue Semi Closed Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPI)

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