Why online banking is safer than you think?

Convenient. Easy. Hassle Free. We all associate these words with most of the things we do in our daily lives and online banking stands to be one of them. However, the frequently asked questions regarding online banking are- Is it safe? Are online transactions safe? etc. You do not need to worry. You must know that all the transactions you make and the information you exchange through internet are safe and secure.

Here are some reasons why Online Banking is safer than you think-

  • Two Factor Authentication
    While completing a transaction online, you might have noticed that the concerned bank asks for a two-level verification to complete the transaction. The first level is an OTP (One Time Password) that is generated in confirmation of the transaction. And the second is an SMS Confirmation. This two-factor authentication helps in securing the individuals identity and helps in safe continuity of the transaction.
  • High End Encryption
    All transactions you make take place in a very secure and encrypted medium, using advanced digital technology, which ensures that the data reaches from its start point i.e. the consumer point to the end point without being compromised. It also ensures that fraudsters, online thieves and ransomware criminals do not get access to your data.
  • Device AuthenticationBanks utilise device authentication and a four or six PIN Verification to establish your identity as a legitimate purchaser and individual, and whether or not it matches the available records.

    Banks also invest heavily in the security of their online banking applications and sites, by constantly scanning for potential fraudsters, online thieves and cybercriminals. This ensures that you are protected from all fraud and online mishaps.

    At HDFC Bank, we place great premiums on secure, good online banking and make sure it turns out to be an easy and convenient experience for our users.