Withdrawal Slip: Know What is Cash Withrawal Slip & How to Fill it

Withdrawal Slip: Know What is Cash Withrawal Slip & How to Fill it

What is a withdrawal slip? Why it’s time to give up printing ATM withdrawal slips

 A withdrawal slip, as the name suggests, is a form that is required to withdraw money from your account. If you are at a branch to withdraw funds from your account, you have to fill up a withdrawal form. 

 A withdrawal slip is a written instruction to the bank to pay the said amount to the account holder. The funds are debited from the account number mentioned. 

 Much like the deposit slip, a bank withdrawal slip is a record of your banking transaction. It helps the bank keep track of your withdrawals.

 How to fill withdrawal slips?

 Are you at the bank to withdraw funds from your account? You will have to fill up a withdrawal slip to make the transaction. The withdrawal slip is found, along with deposit slips, at the bank’s teller. Here is how to fill a withdrawal slip:


  • Fill in the date and the account number from which you wish to withdraw the funds 
  • Fill in the branch information
  • Mention the details of the payee
  • Add the amount that you wish to withdraw in numericals, as well as words
  • Sign the withdrawal slip and mention the name of the account holder.


Importance of withdrawal slips 


A bank withdrawal slip is necessary to withdraw money from your savings or current account. It is a record of all your withdrawal transactions. When you visit a bank to make a withdrawal, you have to fill out this form. Alternatively, you can use a cheque or visit an ATM to withdraw money. Once you withdraw the funds, you are issued an ATM withdrawal slip. 


What is an ATM withdrawal slip and why it’s time to give up printing it?


An ATM withdrawal slip is a piece of paper issued to you after you have withdrawn funds. It is a record of your withdrawal and mentions the date, time, and amount withdrawn. 


However, with NetBanking and Mobile Banking, the purpose of an ATM withdrawal slip has become redundant. You can find the details of all your transactions at your fingertips using your HDFC Bank Mobile Banking account. Log in to your account and make a statement inquiry for your relevant account. You can track all your withdrawals by making an inquiry on all withdrawals. Click here to log in to NetBanking now. If you wish to check your account balance after making a withdrawal, you can do so at the ATM immediately after your withdrawal.


Most banks have become environment-conscious and give you the option not to print an ATM withdrawal slip after your transaction. An ATM withdrawal slip is now redundant and often considered a waste of paper. Your withdrawal information is available to you at any time on your NetBanking account. It’s time to go green. Use NetBanking, don’t print an ATM withdrawal slip and save trees.