How to open an FD account?

How To Open A FD Account?

A fixed deposit is an easy and safe way to invest a lump sum of money. 
If you already have a bank account, you can easily open a fixed deposit by visiting the nearest branch or through your NetBanking account.
Here is the procedure to open a fixed deposit account if you are an HDFC Bank account holder.

How to open a fixed deposit online?

You can open a fixed deposit online in 4 easy steps.
Step 1: Log into your NetBanking account
Step 2: Click the TRANSACT section and choose Open Fixed Deposits
Step 3: Select the branch, enter tenure and amount, appoint a nominee, click continue and then confirm
You can instantly download the fixed deposit advice, which is a receipt for your deposit.

View a demo on how to open an FD.

You can create your Fixed Deposit Asset today with an HDFC Bank Savings Account. New customers can book a Fixed Deposit by opening a new Savings Account, existing HDFC Bank can book their Fixed Deposit by clicking here.

How to open a fixed deposit at the branch?

If you are an HDFC Bank accountholder and want to open an FD by visiting the nearest branch, download the FD application form, fill it up and submit it at the branch.

How to open an FD if you don’t have an account?

If you don’t have a savings account AND wish to open an FD in a bank where you don’t hold an account, then you must submit documents like photo identity, address proof etc and complete your KYC. You will have to submit these documents along with a filled up and signed application form.

How many FD accounts can be opened?

You can hold as many fixed deposits as you like.