Business Tips For Startups

The best books are the ones that get written, and the best startup ideas are the ones that reach their potential audience.

Most people have the plot of the perfect bestseller in their minds, but the books that actually become bestsellers are the ones that get written. Startups are no different; some of the best startup ideas tank because they lack the most important component – visibility to the right audience.

Your big idea will remain just another entity in the startup cluster unless you put it in front of the right audience. But let’s face it; with the amount of competition and information pollution, especially in the digital space, it can take years for your startup to pick up momentum.

What if you could directly put it in front of 37 million potential customers?

We’ll get to that in a bit. First, let’s look at how the right visibility at the initial stage can work wonders for your startup.

Create a buzz even before the launch

Take Apple for instance. Although not a startup, it teaches a key marketing lesson – create anticipation. The company primes its audience for the next big Apple product launch, months in advance! And by the time the product is out, people are literally beating a path to Apple stores to get their hands on the latest gizmo.

You need to start the wheels rolling, get the word out, and create the right market, right from the outset.

You need to be seen to sell your products

You may have the best product or service in the world, but unless it’s reaching the ears (or eyes) of your prospective customers, it’s as good as showing it to a wall.

An important principle of marketing and branding is continuous visibility to ensure that you stay on top of customers’ minds. They may not be interested in your product now, but if they are in the future, they will instantly recollect your brand and may even make a purchase.

Seal funding opportunities at the outset

Most startups struggle to raise funds. Some of these startups never see the light of day because their capital runs out and there is no further inflow of funds.

If you have a brilliant idea, plenty of investors might jump at the chance to invest. BUT they need to know that your idea exists, and the only way to ensure this is by putting your brand in front of them.

Introducing SmartUp from HDFC Bank

SmartUp can make your startup visible to 37 million prospective customers!

With a host of features carefully crafted for startups, SmartUp provides an integrated offering through a channel with a customer base of 37 million.

SmartUp is a thriving platform for over 1,200 brands with 3,000+ offers that attract at least 3 million users collectively spending upwards of Rs 150 crore every month. With such an active and engaging audience looking to experiment with new brands, you could get in the limelight – both to promote your product and maybe even get picked up by the right investors.

Wondering if your startup will really get the eyeballs it deserves, in the midst of so many existing brands? That’s a fair question, considering we mentioned the digital information pollution earlier. The answer is yes; you get a sizeable real estate on SmartUp as your startup will be featured in a section exclusively dedicated for startups. We’ll also help you present it in a way that attracts the right audience.

So go ahead and put your startup in ‘elevator mode’ with SmartUp, a solution that guarantees success and helps entrepreneurs get a lot more out of their bank!

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