How To Cross A Cheque?

How To Cross A Cheque?

15 May, 2024


  • Crossing a cheque is an act that alters the very nature of the cheque.

  • Cheque crossing is categorised into two types: General Crossing and Special Crossing.

  • It is important to know how to cross a cheque to enhance its security.

As the digital era advances, ensuring the safety of physical transactions remains vital, especially when it comes to cheques. Crossing a cheque is a common method to safeguard payments. Understanding how to cross a cheque is beneficial as it provides an added layer of security against unauthorised use. This comprehensive guide explains the process and significance of crossing cheques.

What Is The Meaning Of A Crossed Cheque?

A cheque is a financial instrument instructing a bank to pay an amount from the drawer’s account to the payee mentioned on the cheque. The simple act of crossing a cheque alters the nature of the cheque and signifies that the payment can be made only through a bank account and not in cash.

Types of Cheque Crossing

Cheque crossing is categorised into.

  • General Crossing 

When the words “and Co.” or “not negotiable” are written between the two parallel lines drown on a crossed cheque, it is termed as general crossing. This crossing directs the bank to transfer the amount to the account of the payee and not to encash it across the counter.

  • Special Crossing

In a special crossing, the name of a particular bank is written between the parallel lines. It ensures that the cheque is deposited only into an account held with that specific bank. This crossing makes it more difficult for unauthorised parties to misuse the cheque.

Steps to Cross a Cheque

Follow the steps below to understand the process of what is meant by crossing of a cheque:

  1. Draw two parallel lines horizontally or diagonally across the cheque. Ensure that the lines cover a significant portion of the cheque to make it clearly visible.

  2. If opting for a special crossing, write the name of the bank between the parallel lines. For general crossing, you can include the words “and Co.” or “not negotiable” if desired.

  3. Sign the cheque as usual in the designated space provided for the drawer’s signature.

What Do You Mean By Crossing Of Cheque And What Are Its Benefits?

Crossing a cheque offers several advantages:

  • By making it mandatory for the cheque to be deposited into a bank account, crossing minimises the risk of theft and fraud.

  • Since the payment is made through banking channels, it becomes easier to track the transaction, providing a level of accountability for both parties involved.

  • Special crossing restricts the encashment of the cheque to a specific bank account, reducing the likelihood of unauthorised parties misusing the cheque.

  • In case of any disputes or discrepancies, a crossed cheque provides legal evidence of the intended transaction, offering protection to both the drawer and the payee.

Precautions to Take While Crossing A Cheque

​​​​​​​While crossing a cheque enhances security, it is essential to take certain precautions to further safeguard your account:

  • Ensure that the lines drawn while crossing the cheque are made with indelible ink to prevent modifications or tampering.

  • Store your cheque book in a safe and secure place to prevent unauthorised access. File a report of any lost or stolen cheques immediately with your bank.

  • Before issuing a crossed cheque, verify the payee’s details to ensure accuracy and prevent any misuse of funds.

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