Are you on the go all the time? Living the digital nomad life?

Contemplating how to live the cashless life?

But, where to start is the question? We have the right answer for you.

The HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card gives you the freedom to experience all that life has to offer through a host of services and facilities. You can now live every moments and create memories for a lifetime.

When you set up your Savings Account, an HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card is given to you. It comes with features and benefits to meet all your needs. It could be last minute flight tickets, plan with your friends or some retail therapy, the card covers them all. With every swipe of your card, enjoy fabulous offers and rewards.

For last-minute funds, your HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card also doubles up as an ATM card. Administer all your expenses through advanced NetBanking platforms. Access your account at your fingertips, with the MobileBanking App. With state of the art security systems, you need not worry about any theft or fraud.

To live life on your terms, the HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card offers you unique attributes and advantages you can’t miss.

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Here are the benefits of the HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card:

  1. Higher Debit Card Limits:

With your HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card, enjoy increased debit limits for your day to day transactions. With daily shopping and cash withdrawal limits of Rs. 3.50 lacs and Rs. 50,000 respectively, discover and unfold something new every day.

  1. The CashBack and Rewards Advantage:

With every expenditure through your debit card enjoy CashBack, Rewards and Waivers. CashBack offers range from 1% to 5% depending on the type of spending, either online or offline. Your HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card waives off fuel surcharge as well.

  1. Contactless Payment Technology:

The HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card supports contactless payments for seamless and swift payments at retail outlets. Just tap your Debit Card and complete your transaction.

  1. Travel in style:

Enjoy complimentary lounge access when you travel across India.

  1. Insurance Benefit:

With your HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card, care comes naturally. Your card offers a variety of insurance covers. From Personal Covers to Accident Covers, we have something for every need.

  1. International Usage:

The HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card for millennials is ideal when you travel overseas and require a secure means of payment. Use your Debit Card for International spends.

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