How to get ready ahead of a long biking expedition

The excitement of cruising down a scenic highway with the wind streaming through your hair... which motorbike aficionado doesn’t crave a long road trip with their beloved bike?  However, to ensure your long-distance bike trip is just as memorable as it should be, you need to do some meticulous planning to avoid any hassles on the road. 

Here are some handy tips to ensure you have the journey of a lifetime:

Appropriate gear

Be comfortable and weather-ready with clothing as well as footwear that’s appropriate for the season. If you are travelling in winter, bring out your jackets, gloves etc. Similarly, have your rain-protection gear handy for the monsoon. Most importantly, choose a sturdy, tried-and-tested helmet which fits you correctly! Earplugs are an option if you are sensitive to the wind in your ears but do bear in mind that they also make you less aware of your surroundings.
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Saddlebags, luggage carriers and ropes

After the first few hours, you’re going to want to throw any extra weight off your back. So, plan your luggage carrying arrangements well in advance. A split saddlebag that you can throw over the pillion seat is the most practical option. Wrap the rest in a waterproof cover and use a bungee cord to keep it all together.

Basic food and medication

In addition to your personal belongings, ensure you keep some basic emergency medication, drinking water, and snacks for the road. Within limits of course, because you don’t want your luggage weighing you down, or shifting during a turn – that can be truly scary as it can upset your sense of balance. When you are on the road for days, every detail matters.

A good camera

Your trip is going to present you with some beautiful moments that you’ll want to look at again. Capture these timeless memories so you can relive your trip later. Mobile phone cameras have improved vastly over the past few years, but nothing beats a dedicated camera, even if it’s a point-and-shoot job. To get the best deals on cameras, visit HDFC Bank SmartBuy to compare prices and shop for the best price.

A route plan

It’s always a good idea to plan your routes and stopovers well in advance, maybe using a map application so you don’t have to fold and unfold a paper map over and over again. A secure phone holder attached to the handlebars makes navigation easier. While you are at it, install a battery charger so you are never left stranded with a dead phone.

Good health (for both of you)

Preparations for a long biking expedition means both you and your bike need to be in top condition. Make sure your bike is mechanically perfect, tanked up, and ready for adventure. Ensure you are medically fit to travel, get a good night’s sleep, and eat light before your trip. Do not ignore any pre-existing medical conditions.

Legal documents

Make sure you have a valid driving licence, vehicle registration and tax documents, at least third-party (ideally comprehensive) insurance, and a pollution certificate. Carry both originals and photocopies in case of any checking on the road. 

Defensive driving

Even if you are a careful rider, two-wheelers are inherently less safe on the road because they are small, fast, and difficult to spot. They do not have any safety equipment such as seatbelts or airbags either. So always drive defensively on the road. This means sticking to the leftmost lane, using hand signals to warn pedestrians and other motorists, and above all following the prescribed speed limit at all times, irrespective of the temptation to twist the throttle!

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Once all your preparations are done, get set to live your dream and enjoy every moment of your trip!


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