Know all about senior citizen discount on flights?

Travelling has now become open and accessible to people of all ages, including senior citizens. As compared to before, a lot of senior citizens are spending their time and money travelling and exploring the world. To give an impetus to these types of travellers, several airlines offer senior citizen discounts in flights to tap into this huge market.

Discount flights for such travellers are completely at the discretion of the airline. It is not a standard practice to offer these concessions and the amount of discount offered depends solely on the airline. Some airlines may not offer any concession on flight booking at all.

 In most cases, airlines offer a discount on the base airfare component of the flight. This discount percentage differs from airline to airline. However, the senior citizen must pay all types of taxes and fees on the ticket booking.

Some of the senior citizen discounts in flights by different airlines in India are:

  • IndiGo & Spicejet: The budget airlines offer a concession of 6% to senior citizens booked through the company website or mobile application.
  • GoAir: This budget airline provides an 8% concession on tickets that are booked on its website and mobile application.
  • Air India: The Government operated airline offers a 50% discount to senior citizens. This discount on flight booking is only through the airline’s website.

While booking tickets, it is important to add the concession as a choice while putting in the airport and the dates. That will give a result with a discounted fare. All other taxes, fees, and convenience charges over and above the base flight rate are payable by the senior citizen. Usually, these discounted rates are only available for flights within India. They are applicable on both, one way and round-trip flights. As a condition of booking these flights, the senior citizen travelling is expected to show adequate identity proof that shows the date of birth and age.

It is to be noted that the number of discount flights and seats offered is at the discretion of the airline, so it is not possible to predict the number of seats available. These flights don’t have the facility of web check-in. The senior citizen traveller has to check in at the counter at the airport.

While booking the airfare, check out an airfare comparison website such as SmartBuy by HDFC. This will pull up the cheapest flight fare available with the convenience fees. In case the total fare works out cheaper under this option, you can buy a regular ticket and get conveniences such as web check in. Be sure to know the flight discount offers and avail the best flight deal.

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