X smart tips to bag the best deals online

Shopping online isn’t just about convenience anymore. It’s also about maximizing your time, effort and savings by grabbing the best deals you can find.

There was a time when we would have to put off our shopping for when there were guaranteed deals to be found. Like during Diwali, for instance. But not anymore. A smart shopper can find the best deals online all year round. You only have to follow a few rules to do so. Here are 6 of the best tips to bag the best deals online.

  • Go incognito

    Most websites have access to your location and pin code. The more upscale your location, the more likely you are to find that the best deals seem to elude you. To tackle this, shop on incognito mode on your browser. This will help you compare and buy everything you need at a fair price.
  • Compare and contrast

    There are several online stores that can supply any one of the things you want to buy. Log onto a price comparison website and compare the prices of your goods across the board and then make an informed choice. Chances are, these websites are not only competing with each other for your business but also constantly lowering their prices to one up each other.
  • Apply for retailer recommended credit cards like HDFC Bank Credit Card

    At checkout, you will notice some credit cards that online retailers have tied up with. With cards such as the HDFC Bank Credit Card you can often find that you get a flat discount at check-out, free delivery, Reward Points and even 100% cash back! Keep an HDFC Bank Credit Card handy to bag a wide range of deals that will make your online shopping a wonderful experience.
  • Always check for eligible coupons

    Most of us are rarely aware that so many of our purchases are eligible for discount coupons. So if you haven’t already done so, add browser extensions that scan for coupons every time you’re shopping online. Some extensions are ShopSmart, AfterCoupon India and CouponDunia.
  • Abandon your shopping cart

    And finally, one of the easiest and smartest ways to bag yourself a deal is to abandon your shopping cart at checkout. Once you do this, the online retailer will automatically send you discounts and freebies to return and check out your items. It may take hours or even a day. But be patient and stand your ground.

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