7 Benefits of a Millennia Pre-paid Card That you Should Know

Can you imagine selecting a card without a bank account? 
Yes, that’s right. 
You can now opt for the HDFC Bank Millennia Card, without the hassle of opening a bank account. There is no need to maintain a minimum balance. The Card provides you with a cashless life to manage finances as per your convenience. 
The Millennia Prepaid Card is for the new age adult, who requires financial freedom and flexibility. 
You can re-load your Card as and when required. It is easily accessible. Gift the Card to your best friend and earn while you both enjoy some retail therapy. With every swipe, this Card has something new to offer. Now, you can share the millennial life and create memories with your loved ones.
The Millennia Card has been customised with hassle-free solutions to meet your every requirement. 
Here are the benefits of the Millennia Prepaid Card: 
1.    Convenience for Re-load: 
You can re-load the Card as per your suitability. There is no stipulated limit on the minimum balance.
2.    Apply without a bank account: 
A significant benefit is that you can apply without a bank account. This advantage is an unique feature of the Millennia Prepaid Card. It has been introduced for the convenience of new age millennials. With a few mandatory identification documents, you can acquire the Card easily. 

3.    CashBack Benefit:
It comes with an array of CashBack benefits every time you spend. Whether spending online or offline, you are sure to get rewards. So, make the most of your Millennia Card. You get more significant benefits on using the Card through specific apps.
4.    Cash Withdrawal: 
Let your Prepaid Card also act as an ATM card. With this benefit, you can withdraw at any ATM across India. The amount is directly deducted from your Prepaid Card. However, you need to inquire about the withdrawal limit. 

5.    Secure Banking Experience: 
Your HDFC Bank Millennia Card safeguards your funds. In case of theft or loss, you can replace your Card. Your Card, along with your beneficiaries, is protected with Zero Lost Card liability. Hotlisting your Card enables you to enjoy this benefit. 

6.    Accessibility and Administration:
Manage your Card 24x7 via NetBanking and PhoneBanking platforms. Keep a tab on your Card wherever you are with SMS alerts of every successful transaction. Your peace of mind is only a click away. The card helps you to administer and budget your finances. 

7.    Recognition of usage: 

The Card for millennials is accepted across all Visa and MasterCard merchant retail outlets across India. You can create new memories with every swipe. This Card provides you with a seamless and continuous cash flow. It is easy to use and lets you experience the fast-paced millennial life. To get your Prepaid Card, apply now!