How to Block Debit Card?

A Debit Card is one of the most convenient payment methods. There is no worry about paying a bill after the end of the month, and neither is problem of a credit limit. Since the Debit Card directly deducts money from the bank account, it is a very useful tool to make payments.

Nowadays with the improvement in technology and an increase in the use of Debit Cards, there is an increased risk of a Debit Card getting cloned. There are a lot of stories of fraudsters cloning the Debit Card and swiping it, causing a great deal of loss to the cardholder. Withdrawing your cash at a spurious ATM may also be risky because there are softwares that can steal the Debit Card PIN information, making it even riskier. Finally, each card has a risk of theft associated with it.

In case any of these possibilities happen to you, there are a few quick steps you must take. The minute you realise your Debit Card is lost, or get any intimation from the bank about a transaction you did not make, it is best to block your Debit Card.

The procedure of how to block Debit Card is easily available online. It differs for most banks. Some banks even block the card via SMS, while most others block it on mobile banking or net banking.

How can I block my Debit Card?

The procedure to block your Debit Card is very simple. If you want to block the Debit Card via NetBanking for an HDFC Bank Debit Card, the procedure is:

  • Login to your NetBanking account
  • Click on the New Debit Card. Under this tab, you will find an option for Debit Card hot listing. If you click on this, you will see the different cards that are linked to your bank account
  • Select the Debit Card that you wish to be blocked
  • You will need to input the reasons for hot listing. Once you do that, press confirm
  • The system will hotlist or block your Debit Card online and send you a confirmation.

The procedure to block your Debit Card is almost similar for other banks offering hot listing online.

For most banks, Debit Cards can be blocked via Phone Banking as well. The procedure of how to block Debit Card by Phone Banking is:

  • Call up the bank and authenticate yourself
  • Authenticate and confirm the Debit Card details
  • The Phone Banking customer executive may ask you for some security questions. So, before you call, be prepared to answer those questions.
  • Once confirmed, the customer executive will block your Debit Card.

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* Terms & conditions apply. Debit Card approvals are at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd