How to use Marriott Bonvoy HDFC Bank Credit Card wisely?

How to use Marriott Bonvoy HDFC Bank Credit Card wisely?

09 October, 2023

Credit Cards offer numerous benefits and rewards that can truly enhance your lifestyle. The HDFC Bank Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card is one such card, designed to cater to travellers who prefer to stay at hotels with an excellent reputation for comfortable stays. As a cardholder, you can maximise your rewards, enjoy exclusive privileges, and encash complimentary services. Read on for essential tips on using the Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card wisely.

How to Use the Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card Wisely

Here’s what you need to do make the most of your HDFC Bank Marriot Bonvoy Credit Card

  • Understand the Rewards Program Thoroughly

    You must familiarise yourself with the earning structure, redemption options, and validity of the accumulated reward points. Typically, this card offers bonus points on specific categories including hotel bookings, dining, and spa experiences. By assessing the rewards structure in these categories, you can accelerate your capacity to earn reward points significantly.

  • Use the Credit Card regularly

    The key to earning reward points and complimentary stays on your Marriot Bonvoy Credit Card is to use it for all kinds of expenses. By using your Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card regularly, you can accumulate numerous reward points, which you can then redeem to get discounts on your hotel stays. Doing so also allows you to meet your annual spends target, giving you access to 1, 2, or 3 complimentary nights per year at a Marriot Bonvoy property.

  • Leverage the Cash + Reward Points Combination

    Accumulating points is one aspect of your Credit Card’s benefits that you can leverage. The other is to select a payment option in which you can combine your accumulated reward points with cash to book your hotel stays. Plus, you can purchase reward points at discounted rates from time to time on the Marriot Bonvoy website. Thus, by using the Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card, you can maximise your savings considerably.

  • Redeem Rewards Strategically

    The HDFC Bank Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card offers various redemption options, including hotel stays, airline miles, and merchandise shopping. To maximise your accumulated rewards, you should redeem your points strategically. For instance, you could consider redeeming points for hotel stays during peak travel seasons. You can also use reward points to purchase airline miles when your preferred airline announces promotional offers.

  • Keep Track of Expiry Dates

    Reward points earned through the Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card usually come with an expiration date. To avoid losing your points, you should track their expiration dates and plan your redemptions accordingly. HDFC Bank and Marriot Bonvoy typically sends you notifications regarding the expiration of your accumulated reward points, allowing you to redeem them in a timely manner.

  • Utilise Cardholder Benefits

    Beyond reward points, the Marriott Bonvoy HDFC Credit Card often comes with additional benefits such as complimentary airport lounge access, hotel room upgrades, and discounts on dining and spa services. Be sure to explore and utilise these perks to enhance your travel experiences further.

Final Note: By using the Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card wisely and responsibly, you can unlock exceptional rewards and privileges. You can book your stay at a range of hotels under the Marriot chain, as well as luxury and premium properties under the Bonvoy program like Ritz Carlton, W Hotels, Westin, Sheraton, St. Regis, and more. By staying at these properties, you can stack up numerous reward points comfortably.

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