How to Use Frequent Flyer Miles to Save on Tickets?

The countdown for the 12th edition of the World Cup has begun. If you are a cricket aficionado and a travel buff, this is just the perfect time to plan your trip to England.

However, do note that when it comes to international travel, you have the option of saving money years in advance or swiping your HDFC Bank Credit Card.

HDFC Bank Super Premium Credit Card offers you Reward Points that are converted into flyer miles. If you are the type, who books their air ticket online by swiping your HDFC Bank Super Premium Credit Card, then a card that offers Reward Points that can be converted into Frequent Flier miles may be the one for you.

Here are the ways how Frequent Flier miles helps

The more you travel, the more you earn

With every journey you undertake, you earn those Reward Points that can be converted into those precious Frequent Flier miles. Keep accumulating points and you can use the earned miles towards a redemption of an air ticket.  You even stand a chance of getting a free ticket if you redeem your miles well and use that money towards other travel expenses or experiences.


How about enjoying the luxuries of an international business class or first-class air ticket? Your Frequent Flier points that come from Reward Points obtained by swiping your HDFC Bank Credit Card, can help your chances of upgrading from economy class to business class.

Add a destination

Traveling abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity so why travel to only one country? Extend your trip and enjoy a backpacking trip across Scotland, Ireland, and Wales too. It surely takes your traveling experience a notch higher.

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