Online Shopping: How to Get The Best Deals For Maximum Savings?

Remember the months that followed the demonetisation drive? In a matter of days, people who were short of cash suddenly had a variety of e-wallets to choose from and had to download apps to pay for everything digitally – from mobile phone recharges to groceries to cabs to flight tickets. Almost overnight, Indians realised just how convenient these apps could be.

The days of using bulky wads of cash to buy goods and services are now over. Digital wallets are slowly replacing physical wallets as the primary mode of payment. Why? They are convenient; your Debit or Credit Card details are stored securely with the bank and, instead of physically using the card, you only pay using your device.

Apart from convenience, e-wallets have advantages such as easy accessibility, simplicity, on-the-spot payment, and speed. Additionally, there are numerous deals offered by e-wallet companies that are guaranteed to attract the attention of consumers.

Drawn to these deals?

  • CashBack on electricity bill payment 

  • Cashback on mobile recharge 

  • Cashback on hotel/flight booking 

  • Discount at certain stores/websites if you use a specific e-wallet 

  • Cashback or discounts on sites that customers regularly use, such as taxi services, ticketing portals, and restaurants. 

Today almost everyone has a smartphone, and e-wallets have gone mainstream. Some may use their e-wallets only to pay the electricity bill, while others may have a much broader ambit – from refilling taxi money to buying refreshments at a coffee shop to electronic gadget shopping, online payments have become a way of life.

Take, for example, HDFC Bank PayZapp. It’s the ideal solution for all kinds of payment needs, with a definite edge – the power to make payments instantly and effortlessly.

PayZapp is designed for more than just convenience. It has been developed to offer you savings that cash payments could possibly not provide. Buy movie tickets for the latest blockbusters, shop the night away at partner apps, transfer money to anyone using just their mobile number, recharge your mobile phone, pay bills, pay for your travel modes, and most of all, grab good deals and offers while at it!

With PayZapp you can enjoy savings up to Rs. 10,000. The top spenders get Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Firesticks.

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It sounds too good to be true, right?

The magic lies in its simplicity – once you download the app, you can link any of your bank’s debit cards or credit cards to PayZapp and indulge in this convenient yet secure payment method. All major service providers and brands are connected and available on PayZapp.

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* The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.