How to Save Money While Buying an iPhone?

How to Save Money While Buying an iPhone?

17 January, 2024

The Apple iPhone is not just a phone; it is a symbol of luxury. Everyone wants to get a hand on it. Its sleek design, powerful performance and high-quality camera that captures stunning photos has made it the most preferred choice of smartphone. If you have been longing to own an iPhone, there is no better time to buy it than now. The iPhone comes with various financing options so that you do not need to worry about making upfront payment. Credit Cards are a prominent financing option to buy an iPhone. With Credit Card you can avail of various cashback and discount offers to make your iPhone purchase budget friendly.

If you are an HDFC Bank Credit Card holder, you can take advantage of enticing deals on iPhone purchases with assured saving of up to ₹8,000 on latest iPhone models. Read on if you want to know how you can save money on an iPhone purchase.

How to save money on an iPhone purchase?

By utilising the following options, you may get a better deal on your new iPhone purchase:

  • Keep an eye on discounts and offers

The first step to saving money for an iPhone is to stay updated with discounts and offers. HDFC Bank regularly collaborates with Apple to provide exclusive deals to its customers. These offers can include cashback, no-cost Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) options, or even discounts on the iPhone's price.

  • Consider EMI options

iPhones can be a bit heavy on the pocket when purchased outright. With EMI, you can divide the cost of the iPhone over several months, making it more affordable with fixed monthly payments. No cost EMI options are available with selected HDFC Bank Credit Cards to help you get the latest iPhone without straining your budget.

  • Cashback and reward points 

Credit Cards providers offer cashback and reward points on purchases, including the purchase of iPhones. Make sure to check your Credit Card's terms and conditions to understand how these benefits work. You can use the accumulated reward points to redeem gifts or discounts and further reduce the overall cost. For instance, HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card offers 10x reward points on purchases through eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

  • Festive and seasonal sales 

During festive seasons, eCommerce platforms and Apple itself may offer various discount deals. Seasonal and festive sales can help save money for your iPhone purchase. HDFC Bank Credit Card holders can also benefit from additional discounts or cashback on iPhones. Moreover, you can take advantage of HDFC Bank SmartBuy platform, to avail yourself of exclusive Credit Card deals on iPhones.

  • Exchange your old iPhone 

Trading in your old iPhone is a smart move to enhance your savings on iPhone purchase. This not only helps you to declutter your digital waste but also significantly reduces the cost of upgrading to the latest iPhone model.

Shop Smart with HDFC Bank Credit Cards

HDFC Bank Credit Cards makes your shopping experience more rewarding. Whether you want the trendiest fashion, dine out with friends, or indulge in your favourite online purchases, our Credit Cards have got you covered. Enjoy exclusive offers, discounts, and reward points on both offline and online purchases. Join the savvy shoppers' club – check your eligibility and apply for a Credit Card online with HDFC Bank today!

*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances. Credit Card approvals at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank Limited. Credit Card approvals is subject to documentation and verification as per Bank's requirement. Interest rates are subject to change. Please check with your RM or closest bank branch for current interest rates.

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