Know How to Recharge Online

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our life and to ensure that the calling, Internet and other facilities continue without interruption, we have to recharge our prepaid mobile number on time.

The option of recharging prepaid mobile has been available since a long time now but a large section of our population is either not familiar with it or does not prefer to use it. We are providing a list of different service providers that allow you to recharge your mobile phone online.

Google Pay: In order to recharge with Google Pay, scroll down to “Business” and tap on “Explore” right next to it. To recharge your phone, tap on “Mobile Recharge” and enter the mobile number moon next screen. Next step is to select the mobile operator and the circle if it doesn’t retrieve automatically. Now choose the plan and make the payment.

PhonePe: The option to recharge mobile and pay bills is right on the home screen on PhonePe. To recharge mobile, tap on “Mobile Recharge” > Enter the mobile number (you can select a contact name from the list if you are recharging for one of your contacts) > Select the amount.

It is also possible to check the plans offered by the mobile operator by tapping on the button next to the price input box. Select a payment method and complete the process. If you are looking to recharge for a particular service, select the service and tap on the mobile operator. Complete the task of entering your details and pay the amount.

Paytm: To recharge the mobile phone using Paytm, open the app > tap on “Mobile Prepaid” on the homescreen >Enter the mobile number or select from amongst the contacts>Enter the amount and press the pay button. The customer can also tap on “Browse Plans” to take a look at the plans for a certain mobile operator.

Flipkart: Even Flipkart now allows users to recharge mobile online. Go the the app >tap on the hamburger icon at the left>Tap on “Bills and Recharges” and tap on “Mobile” to recharge your mobile.What is to be noted is that the service is offered by Mobikwik. Hence, the user would have to give Mobikwik access to your phone number so that it can make a new account for you. Once you have completed this requirement, you can then proceed to recharge the mobile.

Amazon: To recharge with Amazon, you will have to tap on the “Pay Bills” icon on the home screen. The next screen will give you the option which service you want to pay the bill for or choose to recharge the mobile. To recharge, you will need to enter your mobile number, operator, circle and amount. It is also possible to browse plans for a particular operator.

PayZapp: Users can find the option to recharge mobiles on the PayZapp app under the Smartbuy section. Just tap on the icon to enter the section where you will find all options to pay the bills as well as the option to recharge your prepaid mobile number.

Tap on “Mobile Recharge”>Enter Your Mobile Number>Select whether the number is prepaid or post paid>Enter amount. You can select the correct operator if the app retrieves a wrong one and then proceed to pay.

You can download Pay Zapp from the Apple App Store by clicking here. Download the PayZapp on the Android Play Store by clicking here.

Recharching online is now made easy and convenient with all the options mentiones above. Amongst all the options, PayZapp is one option that offers you several benefits. In fact, HDFC Bank users can get several benefits and savings through PayZapp, as a part of being an account user. So download the app and get all the benefits in a single click!

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