Tips to plan for International Education Programs

Many students as well as working professionals are choosing to study abroad these days. And why not? An international education program can be an enriching experience that not only enhances your knowledge but also helps shape your personality.

Want to study abroad but unsure where or how to start preparing? Worry not; read this guide to learn how you too can get an international education.

  • Apply for a passport 
    If you want to apply for an international education program, you must apply for a passport before you do anything else. You would be required to submit some documents such as your birth certificate, proof of address, photographic identity proof etc. You must then schedule an appointment with your regional passport office and complete the application process.
  • Decide on a course 
    Now that your passport is taken care of, start thinking about the course you want to pursue. Talk to your seniors and family members, and do some research online. You already know where your interests lie; all you need to do is find a course aligned with those interests.
  • Decide on a country/university 
    Once you’ve decided on the course you want to pursue, you must try and figure out which universities offer it. If you have already decided on a country you want to go to, you should specifically look for universities in that country offering the course of your choice.
  • Figure out the application process 
    After deciding on the university, take a look at the application process. This includes everything from semester patterns to intake capacity. But most importantly, get acquainted with the admission process. You may have to take entrance exams, and based on your score your application will be processed further.

Tip: When shortlisting universities, check if they conduct any exams and consider past cut-off marks so you can evaluate your chances.

  • Get your finances in order 
    When it comes to tuition fees, many universities offer scholarships that partly (or, in some cases, entirely) take care of the financial outgoing. Other than this, you will need money for daily expenses. You need to assess if you can manage by yourself. Check if you can wangle an internship. Or talk to your parents and see if they can help you out with a loan.
  • Decide where to live 
    Most universities offer students accommodation on campus. Alternatively, a group of students from a country who plan on going to the same university can rent a place together (for shared accommodation). Join social media groups and pages that discuss such arrangements.
  • Hone your language skills 
    If you’re going to a country that doesn’t use English as the first language, you might want to try learning the local language. This may not be an academic requirement but learning the local language will help you adapt better to the new country. If you already know the basics, you should start brushing up.
  • Prepare yourself mentally 
    No one is ever fully prepared to adapt to a new lifestyle and new culture, especially at such short notice. It can be daunting. To calm your nerves, go through this checklist and ensure you’ve given your best shot at preparing for your stay abroad.

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