Know How to Pay Electricity Bill Online

Digitalisation has taken the world by a storm. With several businesses turning towards digital payment, utility bill payments have been more accessible than before. Today you can pay your electricity bill online at any time and from anywhere.

HDFC Bank offers you two easy and quick ways to pay your electricity bill online: 

  • NetBanking

  • HDFC Bank PayZapp – Payment App

How to pay electricity bills online through NetBanking with HDFC Bank?

Now, stir clear the worries of standing in long queues. With HDFC Bank NetBanking, you can pay your electricity bill from the comfort of your home. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to NetBanking  

Step 2: Select ‘Bill Payment’ from the top screen

Step 3: Select ‘Electricity’

Step 4: Select your Distributor Number (Your bill amount and due date will be displayed.)

Step 5: Confirm your payment

A confirmation of your transaction and a reference number will be sent to you via an e-mail and displayed on your screen.

How to pay electricity bills using PayZapp by HDFC Bank?

To make payments more manageable and secure, HDFC Bank has launched a one-stop payment solution called PayZapp. This portal allows you to shop online, recharge your phone, send funds to your contacts, and pay your utility bills in a matter of minutes.

Follow the steps given below to pay your electricity bills safely and speedily:

Step 1: Log in to your PayZapp app

Step 2: Select the Recharge/Bill Pay option

Step 3: Select ‘Electricity’

Step 4: Select your Distributor

Step 5: Enter your Consumer Number

Step 6: Enter your Billing Unit (BU)

Step 7: Click on ‘Confirm’

Step 8: Enter the amount to be paid

Step 9: Use the linked Credit/Debit card to make your payment

HDFC Bank payment solutions offer you a hassle-free and faster way to pay your electricity bill online. 

Almost all states’ energy suppliers have their official websites where you can pay your electricity bill. However, to do so, you will have to, register yourself with the site, create your account, generate your CA number (unique identification number), and set a password. These credentials will be required to access your electricity provider’s official website.

Once you log in, the total amount of your bill will be displayed on your screen. Select the ‘Pay’ option to finish your payment.

On completion on your payment, a transaction confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.

You can download Pay Zapp from the Apple App Store by clicking here. Download the PayZapp on the Android Play Store by clicking here.

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