How to Get Best Hotel Deals?

Everyone is slowly discovering the joys of travelling. Naturally, finding the best hotel to stay at your travel destination can be a daunting task for this. A hotel stay is one of the biggest costs in planning any vacation. And staying in a good hotel can either make or break the whole travel experience. However, getting a good hotel at an excellent rate is very much possible using a few tips and tricks.

There are different portals online where you can find the best hotels that offer amazing hotel deals. Once you find out which hotel you want to stay in, you can find out the best deals for it, in terms of price. When you’re looking for a hotel, look for one with good reviews and ratings, and compare that to the price they charge per room. You must know that there may not be many deals available if there are a limited number of hotels in that particular area but comparing the various deals will surely help you find a good hotel with a great deal.

Here is a checklist of how you can get the best hotel deals:

  • Find a portal that can help you compare hotel prices available on different websites. Some trusted aggregators for hotels are TripAdvisor, SmartBuy by HDFC, Trivago, Google, etc.
  • There are many different websites that offer bookings for hotels. Getting a reputed website will ensure your hotel booking goes through. Some examples of genuine hotel booking websites are,, Expedia,, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, and SmartBuy etc.
  • Check the fare on the hotel website if there is one. The advantage of directly approaching the hotel is that sometimes they offer better rates than the ones available online.
  • Set alerts for a particular hotel and the travel dates. Websites like Kayak or Google will provide alerts of when the price for the hotel falls. But only do this if you have time before you travel. The disadvantage of opting for alerts is that the price may not fall at all. However, waiting for a few days after searching for your desired hotel usually leads to some great hotel deals. Sometimes websites such as Trivago and SmartBuy themselves offer deals on hotels at your particular destination which means you may find a better deal at a better hotel.
  • Once your hotel is booked, make sure you get proper confirmation emails from the website and the hotel. Usually checking for this double confirmation ensures that the booking is validated. Several travellers land up with cancelled accommodations simply because they don’t recheck the reservation with the hotel before their journey. A simple email or a phone call can eliminate this possibility.

So, the next time you’re looking to book hotels for your vacation, follow these steps and ensure you get the best hotel deals using SmartBuy for your vacation. Happy travels!

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